Best Indoor Lighting for Entertaining Guests

Whether it’s the holidays, birthday parties, or any other type of special occasion (or just because!), entertaining is always an opportunity to welcome friends, family, and loved ones into your home. But do you have the best lighting to set the mood in a living room or dining room? 

Parties and small get-togethers alike work best with the best indoor lighting. In this tutorial, we’ll go over some great lighting design tips for making everyone feel at home. 

How to Light Your Home for Entertaining Guests 

Aside from bright lighting, you may need in a kitchen, your main areas for entertaining likely don’t need to be overly illuminated. Think about any nice restaurant or bar you’ve visited for dinner. Are the lights blindingly bright? Likely not. 

With that in mind, these are the types of fixtures that can help you can capture the best indoor lighting to entertain guests; 

  • Candles
  • Dimmers
  • Pendant Lights
  • Decorative Bulbs 
  • Table Lamps 


Candles are a classic lighting element that can instantly make any special occasion more elegant. When using candles, just be mindful of any flammable objects (table cloths, centerpieces, etc.) that may be in the way. 

To stay safe and be creative, consider housing tea lights in various fire-safe containers such as mason jars or vintage glass bottles. Not only will this help keep flames contained, but they’ll also create some pretty distinctive and creative indoor mood lighting for living areas you’re entertaining in. 


Dimmers are definitely some of the best indoor lighting elements that can help set the mood. Additionally, you can create the feeling of a candlelit space but without an open flame by dimming your lights low.

Along with entertaining, dimmable lights are also great features to have around any day of the week if you’re just looking to unwind without the brightest possible light in your home’s common areas. Whether or not you’re entertaining, consider installing dimmers for any sconce lights or overhead pendant lights in your home. 

Smart Bulbs- another great way to get dimming bulbs without needing to install a dimming unit. There are lots of great options from respectable retailers that are perfectly compatible with our products.

Pendant Lights 

Speaking of pendant lights, these are some of the best and most creative indoor lighting projects you can utilize to make your home the perfect setting for a party. And with plug-in pendant lights, some swag hooks, and extension cords, you can easily set up groups of lights to form a unique, customizable fixture. 

Exposed, Decorative Bulbs 

As we said, you won’t need to illuminate the whole house as you would any other night. So, for those decorative light fixtures, consider exposed, decorative bulbs and neon signs. Generally, these may be lower-wattage bulbs or energy-efficient LED neon signs that specifically look great when they’re exposed. 

With their distinctive shape, these types of bulbs can be mixed and matched with Tesla bulbs or Globe bulbs in a custom light set-up for an effect that’s creative, modern, and totally unique. 

Table Lamps

If you have multiple surfaces or a room you can’t easily create an overhead fixture in, consider table lamps. These can be anything from trendy sculptural paper lanterns to distinctive custom fixtures made from lamp cages, colorful cords, and exposed bulbs. 

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