Best Govt Franchise Business in India

Franchising is one of the easiest ways to start a business. It is simple, low-cost ,and effortless. There are more opportunities in India than ever before and the economy is booming. The only thing holding many people back from starting the business they’ve always dreamed of is la ack of knowledge and understanding of the industry.

There are many franchise opportunities in India, but only a few are the best. Here are some of the most lucrative and popular franchises for you to consider:

Education Sector:

Education is one of the most important sectors in India and with so many people being educated, there’s a huge market for education in the country. The government offers franchises in this sector like engineering colleges, medical colleges, and vocational training centers.

Healthcare Sector:

With an increasing population and rising awareness about health issues, healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in India today. A government franchise allows you to set up hospitals or clinics at various locations across the city or state depending on what kind of services you offer.

IT/ITES Sector:

Information technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in India today and this makes it an ideal choice for any entrepreneur who wants to start his own business from scratch. There are many options when it comes to IT/ITES franchises like computer hardware & software stores, internet cafes, web design firms, etc.

GST Suvidha Kendra (GST SK)

This is a channel that connects, taxpayers, with the government, helping taxpayers in getting their work done quickly and easily. It helps people to know about their tax liability and also provides them with various kinds of facilities like e-filing, digital signatures, etc. The government has set up more than 40,000 GST Suvidha Kendra across India which are being managed by Chartered Accountants or Cost Accountants. These centers provide help to taxpayers in understanding the new tax regime and filing returns online using their mobile phones or laptops. This has been one of the most popular initiatives taken by the government in recent times as it has helped citizens immensely in understanding how GST works and filing returns online without any hassle.

CSC Jan Seva Kendra

Common Service Center (CSC) is a government initiative for providing e-governance services to citizens. CSCs are located across the country in rural and urban areas including the hinterlands and remote corners of India.

CSC Jan Seva Kendra was launched on November 24, 2004 ,by the then Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, as part of e-governance initiatives under Dthe igital India programme. The main objective of CSC Jan Seva Kendra project is to provide high-quality information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled services to the common man at affordable cost through local entrepreneurs with technical support from the government.

The government has set up more than 2 lakh Common Service Centers across 3 lakh villages in India to provide various citizen services like application filing for PAN card passports and others without any hassle or harassment.

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