Best Gaming Sports News Websites

There are several options out there when it comes to gaming sports news websites. These include Bleacher Report, FanSided, and 8X. All of these websites offer news about various games and teams. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might want to check out all three. Deadspin may have the most news, while Bleacher Report is better for breaking news about your favorite games and teams.


The demise of Deadspin’s editorial team is no less bizarre than that of Sports Illustrated’s. The controversial site has recently been acquired by a private equity company that was initially opposed to its controversial content. This move was made following a legal battle between the gaming industry and the website’s owners, Gawker Media.

Founded in 2008, Deadspin has been a popular site for gamers since its inception. The site is a combination of sports, humor, and other topics. The site’s staff includes writer Drew Magary, who has written many articles on the topic of subdural hematoma.


If you’re a big sports fan, the FanSided Gaming Sports News Website is the place to go to find the latest news and analysis. This network of 300 websites features coverage on almost every major professional sport, as well as a lot of college athletics. You’ll find in-depth analysis of your favorite teams and games, as well as the hottest new TV shows.

The site features breaking news, reviews, analysis, videos, and photos. Its writers are as passionate about their favorite sports as their users are. Fans of both sports and gaming will love the site’s daily newsletter, which is updated with all of the latest news and analysis.

Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report is a leading real time sports website with over 250 million monthly visitors. This website allows users to share their opinions and view the most recent news on their favorite teams. The website also allows members to write their own articles. In fact, even Terrell Owens has written for the Bleacher Report, using a pen name that he’s used to mask his identity as a sports fan.

Bleacher Report’s users are overwhelmingly gamers. Its website is one of the most popular sports sites on the web, and its devoted fans are largely young. As such, Bleacher Report has been growing rapidly in recent years. The company recently announced a partnership with Caesars Entertainment to develop studio shows geared towards sports gambling.


8Xbet is a comprehensive sports news website. It offers breaking news, original articles, and analysis. Its homepage lets you follow your favorite teams and also has sections on college sports. Its interface is easy to use and its content is always fresh. It also offers an email newsletter and lets you follow the website on Twitter. Subscribe today to get breaking sports news and keep up with your favorite team’s news.

ESPN is another popular website for gaming news. The company started as a website in 2005 by four high school friends who wanted to follow the sports that they loved. The site is now owned by Turner and is one of the most popular gaming sports news websites in the world.

World in Sport

World in Sport is a fast-growing online media company that specializes in sports news, live coverage, and expert articles. Its content focuses on all kinds of sports, from competitive gaming to virtual racing events. It also features expert articles, videos, and news from around the world. The site has an active YouTube channel where you can watch videos related to gaming.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports Gaming is an online sports news and betting website that covers a wide range of sports. The company’s extensive coverage includes NBA, MLB, college basketball, NASCAR, tennis, boxing, Major League Soccer, arena football, NCAA women’s basketball, and track and field. It employs a number of reporters, including Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde. Recently, Yahoo Sports introduced The Vertical section, a collection of news articles focused on the NBA.

Yahoo also offers fantasy football and other games based on real-world events. Fantasy football players, for example, accumulate points whenever they score a touchdown or gain yardage on the ground. These points are then totaled against their opponent’s score to determine a winner. Similar games are also available on ESPN and other websites.

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