Best Beaches in Ventura

The beaches in Ventura California have several scenes. The sunny weather is surfing and enjoying, ranging from suntanning. San Buenaventura is beyond ocean adventures. California is the beach in the venture are several gems to explore, including the expansive shoreline in the city of Oxnard. In this article, you will read about tourist attractions to visit the place and for tickets suggest this flight West Jet Airlines Reservations, there are more offers available please check this link. 

The best beaches in Ventura and Oxnard. The sunshine and ocean are Ventura county, the best California-known area for enjoying and surfing. The Sunshine State is 2,208 square miles in the south. The best things in Ventura California are the view from the Ventura Botanical Gardens, the lively art scene, downtown galleries, and museums, and the time spent on the beach. 

Some lists of the best beaches in the venture California: 

1. San Buenaventura Beach

2. Emma Wood State Beach

3. Point Mugu State Park Beaches

4. Hollywood Beaches

5. Rincon Point

6. Beaches in Santa Barbara

7. Faria Beach

8. Marina Park Beach

9. Harbor Cove Beach

 San Buenaventura Beach

San Buenaventura Beach is over 2 miles on the shores of the venture pier. San Buenaventura Beach is the location of the Ventura. There are many types of time spent in San Buenaventura Beach and enjoy swimming, surfing, picnicking, beach volleyball, or playing frisbee.

San Buenaventura Beach is two miles of sandy expanse mixed. It is a small lagoon and copious wildlife. The State of California beach highly trained lifeguard year. During the summer months, every tower is occupied and watching the water. There are three large parking lots every here and take advantage of 6 acres which are complemented by seemingly limitless parking. San Buenaventura Beach is the famous ocean path that leads to surfers point. The Ocean is spanning 1,600 feet into the Ventura Pier at the north end of the beach. The Ventura Pier for those interested in fishing and walking for far lengths gives a fantastic view.

Emma Wood State Beach

Emma Wood State is a moderate temperature for popular beaches for swimming and fishing. Its catches include perch, bass, cabezon, and corbina. There are many varieties of wildlife including raccoons, songbirds, and great blue herons. Offshore, Dolphins are occasionally. Emma Wood State Beach has no water, restrooms, electricity, fire rings or phones, or dump stations available.

 Emma Wood State is 90 campsites, it is not a level and contains asphalt, dirt, cobble, and debris. Due to small turnaround areas, the maximum vehicle length is 40 feet. Emma Wood State may close the campground at any time. Dogs are allowed in the campground only and dogs are not allowed on the beach. Emma Wood State Beach is separated by 2 freeway miles from the campground.

Point Mugu State Park

It is located in the Santa Monica Mountains. Point Mugu State Park has five features of miles along the ocean shoreline rocky bluffs, sandy beaches, sand dunes, rugged hills, and uplands. Point Mugu State Park has two major rivers and wide grassy valleys. If you are interested in high hiking trails in the more than 70 miles of Point Mugu State Park. The Point Mugu State Park includes the jagged pinnacles of the Boney Mountains State Wilderness Area.

Point Mugu State Park Beaches are 15 miles south of Oxnard on Highway One. The sunset time is 8 AM. There are many types of facilities such as parking, restrooms, summer lifeguard, picnic area, hiking trails, and campground showers. Dogs are not allowed on campgrounds and beaches. Point Mugu Beach lifeguards are on duty during the summer. There are a variety of animals living in the woods such as skunks, deer, foxes, and even mountain lions. Point Mugu State Park are birds around including woodpeckers, warblers, thrashers, peregrine falcons, and towhees.

Hollywood Beach 

The Peninsula channels are the island harbor Hollywood Beach. Hollywood Beach is a stretch of sand directly south and Oxnard Beach Park. Hollywood Beach is an area that is popular for overcrowded hard, mile-long, and wide beaches. The adjacent Ocean Drive is the abundant street parking and access point. 

Free features of  Hollywood beaches are volleyball nets, restrooms, and lifeguards on duty. Hollywood Beaches are two days (1) Memorial day and (2) Labour day. Dogs are allowed in the campground and dogs are allowed on the beaches before 9 am to after 5 pm. Hollywood Beaches have beautiful views of channel island.

Rincon Point 

The Venture Pier is the destination, approximately 14 miles north, the Rincon Point is a classic central California surfing destination. The point draws wetsuit-club surfers from across and the right-hand brake comes off the east side. Rincon Point beach is nicknamed the Queen of the Coast. There are some waves for looking to catch waves or capture some photographs, should head left to the Rincon Point State  Beaches. Rincon Beach Country Park is the opposite parking lot that extends along the north side of Rincon Point.

 Beaches in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara built in 1997, our Mediterranean villas are classic architecture. They carefully selected all the finishing details to old-world charm. Ventura is equally close to the north as Malibu is to the south. Santa Barbara Beaches Mountain backdropping much of the stunning of the California coast. Santa Barbara has the most beaches like-Leadbetter Beach, East Beach and West Beach. Santa Barbara’s gems include Butterfly Beach and Carpinteria. The closest to the venture is Santa Barbara.

Faria Beach

Faria is known as Faria Beach. Faria Beach is an unincorporated community in Ventura country, The ocean side of the California state Route is 1.9 miles northwest and Faria runs 1.32 miles along the venture. Faria Beach Sunset timing is 7 am.

Marina Park Beach

Marina Park Beach is located at the seashore. Marina Park is the most beautiful place. There are many musical instruments in the park for children and installed in the park like swings, slides, etc. Marina park is a very beautiful statue of Rajiv Gandhi(Ex-Prime Minister of India).

Harbor Cove Beach 

Moreover, it has ample amenities such as lifeguard towers, public bathrooms, benches, outdoor showers with strong water pressure, and beach volleyball courts. Parking lots are huge and ample street parking is available. Overall HCB is really beautiful and a great place to spend the day.

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