Get the Best Ar500 Steel Shooting Targets; Forget The Rest 

Nothing beats hearing that sound when you’re shooting. We’ll talk about how to pick the best AR500 steel shooting targets. 

Paper targets are an excellent way to develop your accuracy shooting skills for high-speed, run-and-gun shooting. Identical to a suitable steel target.

I prefer shooting steel targets and have purchased several for my home range. 

My steel targets are all made of AR500 steel, which allows them to take a beating and keep going. Nothing compares to them; they provide an excellent shooting experience. Everyone wants to buy this type of item at a pocket-friendly price. Even you can use Shooting Targets 7 Coupon Code, and you will get great offers and massive discounts.

They can last hundreds of thousands of rounds if adequately cared for and are ideal for self-defense training, competition training, and fun. 

Let’s go over how these fantastic targets work and how to choose the best shooting targets for your needs.  

What the Heck is an AR500 Steel?

Eric previously tested AR500 steel in body armor. The name 500 refers to a certified Brinell hardness of 500. 

AR500 steel and other similarly through-hardened steels prevent this from happening by being strong enough to withstand severe deformation under impact. AR500 targets surfaced so that they returned no copper or led fragments to the firing line. 

AR500 is also relatively simple to machine, giving you a wide range of target options. This is also significant because the metal does not receive much heat during manufacturing.

Using Steel Targets

Setting up and using steel targets appears pretty straightforward, but you should take precautions to protect yourself and your shooting targets.

To begin, use hardened AR500 steel from a reputable manufacturer. Stay away unless it says AR500 or AR550, the more complicated version commonly used in rifle targets. Soft or mild steels will chip and deform, or they will drill a nice little hole in them.

This is also why shooting at scrap metal such as barrels, propane tanks, and old cars can be extremely dangerous; use caution. A properly constructed AR500 or AR550 steel target is entirely safe. 

Types of Steel Targets

Steel targets are classified into two types: static and dynamic.

Static targets include silhouettes, gongs, and similar objects. They’re still more dynamic than paper because they provide lovely audible feedback when you hit. They’re amazing like that. They’re just waiting to be shot. 

Shooting TargetsBest AR500 Steel Shooting Targets

There are numerous manufacturers, and one may be as good as another.

When I say you’re wrong, I’m speaking in the voice of a middle-aged New York businessman who was recently elected President.

Anyone with a good laser cutter and spare time can make cheap steel targets. Great steel targets that have been properly heat-treated and can withstand hundreds of thousands of rounds, if not millions, are more challenging to find.

Several steel target manufacturers are on the market, but these five are my favorites. 

1. Shoot Steel

Shoot Steel claims to be the industry leader in steel targets, and it’s difficult to argue with that. They produce some of the best marks available and provide some of the most diverse options of any manufacturer on this list. 

They have a variety of thicknesses, packages, shapes, stands, hangers, and stencils to help you personalize your target. You name it; they have it if it concerns AR500 steel targets. 

The IDPA Silhouette is our go-to for the first set of steel targets. You only need a 2*4 from Home Depot. 

You want something more robust. We like their short-range rifle target, which has an armored 24 section for when you miss. 

It’s been through thousands of rounds with only one change of the 2*4. 

Check out their newer Armadillo target in AR550 if you want to avoid dealing with 2x4s or bolts. We received the “short range” version, which angles the splatter even lower. 

2. AR500 Armor

AR500 Armor created the body armor Eric tested a while back, but they also produced some bomb-ass targets. Everything is made of that fantastic AR500 steel.

They provide numerous targets, including ISPC cutouts, A-zones, gongs, and others. They are a one-stop shop for all your range needs because they carry everything from stands to medical supplies. 

Of course, they can also carry plate carriers and armored plates, making them an excellent option for law enforcement and the military. 

Speaking about the AR500 armor and carriers, a new series of armor carriers are now being released; have a look. 

3. Shooting Targets 7

Shooting Targets 7 is one of the top businesses in this market that is veteran-owned and caters to shooters who are defensively minded. They make a range of shooting targets, including bullseye targets you can back with paper or cardboard for more accurate feedback. 

They also provide a selection of straightforward, portable stands that are simple to assemble practically anywhere to create a flexible and adaptable home range. If you frequently shoot in isolated areas and desire the ability to take your targets with you. 

4. Xsteel Targets

One of the target manufacturers with the best value is Xsteel. They were founded by a group of shooters who decided they could do better than many steel targets’ expensive costs and subpar machining. 

They have done just that for many years. A family-run business, Xsteel aims to offer its competitors reasonably priced steel targets that are also incredibly well-made and long-lasting. 

5. Action Target

Action Target is a well-known manufacturer of targets, bullet stops, and other premium range requirements. If you’ve ever visited a top-notch indoor range, you’ve probably used at least a few of their goods. 

They manufacture a wide range of high-quality portable shooting targets for the home user, from lightweight rimfire targets to plate racks and dueling trees. 

They also give my favorite steel target the accuracy of a paper target while maintaining the convenience and satisfaction of steel targets. 

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