Best Aluminum Formwork Suppliers from China

Building cast-in-place concrete structures can be formed using an aluminum formwork method. It is also a method for planning and managing other construction crafts’ operations, including installing electrical and mechanical conduits, steel reinforcement, and concrete placement.

The System is efficient, quick, flexible, and very affordable. Because it precisely replicates the architects’ designs, it can produce every concrete component of a structure, such as walls, columns, floor slabs, beams, staircases, windows, balconies, and different ornamental elements. Also, the concrete’s smooth-off form finish avoids the necessity for expensive plastering.

This formwork should be convenient and efficient if you find proper suppliers and implementation. Today we will provide you with a comprehensive list of some of China’s best aluminum formwork suppliers.

Best Aluminum Formwork Suppliers from China 


In 2005, the 1998-founded ADTO Group began selling formwork and scaffolding systems. Delivering the greatest products at the best prices in China using a well-established network of committed employees, key locations, and quality control procedures.

HUBEI ADTO is quickly becoming China’s No. 1 formwork and scaffolding brand. They recently launched ADTO MALL, a pioneering platform for selling and building homes, in August 2014.

JMA Aluminium Profile Factory (Group) Co., Ltd.

Guangdong JMA has an annual production capacity of over 600,000 tons. It’s a pioneering company in the sector by combining research, design, manufacture, and distribution of aluminum building profiles, aluminum formwork, industrial materials, and aluminum alloy doors. JMA Aluminium’s goods are sold in over 30 Chinese regions and cities.

They have exported products to over 100 countries and 70 nations across the globe thanks to the benefits of quality, trademark, innovation, and services.  At JMA, you may get high-quality formwork structures, among other things. They also create custom formwork to fit building support structures such as stairs and pillars.

Beijing Yulong Innovation Formwork Co., Ltd.

Beijing Yulong is a specialist formwork business and expert in structural engineering design, technical consulting, solution processing, manufacturing, marketing, leasing, and on-site technical training.

The business has a top-notch management team, a powerful technological base, a cutting-edge plant, and world-class domestic manufacturing machinery. Since a long time ago, they have been making ongoing improvements to their products while also paying greater attention to international technological collaboration and exchanges and developing a line of goods that meet international standards.

Foshan Runding Metal Product Co., Ltd. 

The business was established in 2007, and its areas of expertise include building aluminum formwork expert research and innovation, design, manufacture, marketing, and assembling services. They are located in Guangdong Province, on the north part of the Pearl River Delta. They employ about 200 people within a space of 13,800 square meters.

They have seasoned sales teams and expert service teams. From pre-sales advertising to post-sales servicing, they offer top-quality service. Foshan Runding Metal Product Co., Ltd. can fulfill independent production requirements.


Aluminum formwork has a low average cost and may be used repeatedly, making it efficient. This system requires skilled production, supply, and selling for successful installation and application. You can take advantage of these services and more by contacting JMA Aluminium Profile Factory (Group) Co.

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