Are Throw-Up Bags They Worth the Investment?

We’ve all been there – on a long car ride, a bumpy plane ride, or even just a terrible case of motion sickness. The last thing anyone wants to do is throw up in a public place, especially if there isn’t a trashcan or sink nearby. That’s where throw up bags come in. But are they worth the investment? Let’s take a closer look.

What are Throw-Up Bags?

Throw-up bags, also known as vomit bags or sick bags, are small, disposable bags designed to catch vomit. They are usually made of thin, plastic material and have a sealable top to contain any odors or fluids. Throw-up bags are often provided on planes, trains, and buses but can also be purchased separately from product manufacturers.

Benefits of Using Throw-Up Bags

There are several benefits to throw-up bags, both for the individual and those around them.

For the individual:

  • Convenience: Having a throw-up bag on hand can be a lifesaver in a moment of need. It allows you to dispose of vomit hygienically without having to search for a sink or trashcan.
  • Discreet: Throw-up bags are small and easy to carry, so you can have one on hand without drawing attention to yourself.
  • Easy to use: Throw-up bags are designed with simplicity in mind. They are easy to open and close, so that you can use them quickly and efficiently.

For those around you:

  • Hygienic: No one wants to be around vomit, and using a throw-up bag helps keep the area clean and free of any unpleasant odors or fluids.
  • Considerate: Using a throw-up bag shows consideration for those around you, as it prevents any messes or unpleasant situations.

Are Throw-Up Bags Worth the Investment?

Now, the question remains – are throw-up bags worth the investment? It depends on your circumstances and how often you need a vomit bag. If you frequently travel by plane or have motion sickness, it might be worth purchasing a pack of throw up bags and keeping them on hand. They are inexpensive and can provide peace of mind in an unexpected illness.

However, purchasing throw-up bags may not be necessary if you rarely experience motion sickness or don’t often travel. Most planes, trains, and buses already provide them for passengers, so you can use those if needed.

What to Consider When Purchasing Throw-Up Bags

If you purchase throw-up bags, there are a few factors to consider when choosing a product.

Size: Throw-up bags come in various sizes, so consider what will be most convenient for you. A smaller size may be more practical if you need to carry the bag. However, if you have a lot of vomit to dispose of, a larger size may be more suitable.

Material: Look for throw-up bags made of durable, leak-proof material. You don’t want any fluids or odors escaping the bag, so choose a reliable product.

Sealable top: Make sure the throw-up bag has a sealable top that can be securely closed. It will help contain any odors and prevent any messes.


Throw-up bags can be a helpful tool in certain situations, such as traveling or dealing with motion sickness. They offer convenience and discretion in disposing of vomit and help keep the area clean and hygienic. 

However, they may only be worth the investment for some, as they are only necessary for certain circumstances. If you purchase throw-up bags, consider factors such as size, material, and scalability to ensure a reliable product. Ultimately, purchasing throw up bags comes down to personal preference and individual needs.

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