Acupuncture In Morristown: NeckTherapy

Traditional Chinese medicine includes Acupuncture for Neck Pain in Morristown, which
promotes the flow of qi by inserting needles into specific acupuncture points. A few studies
have shown some potential for acupuncture as a therapy for neck pain, which certain
patients use.

Although anecdotal evidence supports the use of acupuncture to alleviate pain, most
research on the efficacy of acupuncture to treat neck pain is minor, poorly designed, or
shows only minimal benefits. Consequently, acupuncture is still regarded as a
complementary or alternative therapy.

Additional research may shed light on the workings of Acupuncture for Neck Pain in Morristown, demonstrate its efficacy, and specify when it should be used. Using acupuncture as a complementary therapy in addition to first-line treatments is currently the safest course of
action for people who choose to use it to treat neck pain.

Acupuncture therapy for neck aches

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have utilized acupuncture to treat various
ailments for more than 3,000 years.

The insertion of an acupuncture needle causes an increase in blood flow, a reduction in
inflammation, and the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Both
pain alleviation and relaxation are possible outcomes.

Acupuncturists decide which acupuncture sites to stimulate during neck pain treatments
based on the patient’s symptoms, medical history, and whether or not they have responded
well to prior treatments.

Occasionally, acupuncture is used in combination with other treatments. These might include
aromatherapy, massage, and other calming techniques.
It is essential to note that since the needles only enter the top layer of skin, they are often

Does it operate?

Recent research indicates that Acupuncture in Morristown may be an effective treatment
for neck pain. A 2020 meta-analysis revealed moderate evidence supporting the use of
acupuncture for neck pain. Six randomized controlled trials were analyzed, demonstrating
that treatment reduced neck pain compared to placebo and no treatment.

The research uncovered minimal adverse effects of acupuncture, but the discrepancy in how
the studies reported their findings was a major drawback. Therefore, assessing if and to
what extent the medication reduces discomfort is difficult.

A 2021 study examines previous research on Acupuncture in Morristown and other
alternative therapies, such as dry needling and cupping. It was decided that all three are
most likely beneficial.

One of the cited systematic studies investigated a variety of pain types. People who received
acupuncture reported less severe pain, impairment, and functioning than those who did not
receive any treatment. However, the differences between placebo and acupuncture were
minimal or nonexistent.

This indicates that the placebo effect may be responsible for some of acupuncture’s benefits.

Cervical spondylosis, a degenerative disc disease, is often the cause of neck pain. A 2021
study evaluated the effectiveness of acupuncture for the condition. Participants received an
optimum, shallow, or placebo acupuncture treatment for four weeks.

At the end of the study, those who got optimum Acupuncture for Neck Pain in Morristown
reported more pain alleviation than those in the superficial and fake groups. This suggests
that acupuncture may alleviate the neck pain caused by spondylosis and that the outcomes
are genuine and not due to a placebo effect.

In addition, it is essential to realize that “sham” acupuncture, commonly used to test the
placebo effect, is widely disregarded.

Significant research conducted in 2012 comparing the efficacy of actual acupuncture against
the placebo effect concluded that real acupuncture is more beneficial. It has been
established that acupuncture may aid in treating chronic pain.

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