About the private desert safari

Private Desert Safari in Dubai is a thrilling tour that gives you an unforgettable night in the desert. Dubai has become a famous tourist spot on the World and Desert Safari Tour that you should not miss when you are in Dubai.

 The best time to enjoy the Private Desert Safari in Dubai is at night; when sunset, the desert heat disappears to be more relaxed and more comfortable. Let it drive to the suburbs, and you will find a beautiful dune as far as your eyes can see.

Our Private Desert Safari Tour in Dubai begins when we choose you from your location and bring you to the desert location in the Toyota Land Cruiser 4 × 4. The first stage of your Arabic adventure is the bashing mound session. 

Your unique experience will feel the shaking moments when four × 4 runs around the mound, and that’s the time to enjoy the real adventure of Dune Bashing Safari Drive in the Desert, and you will say more. When finished, Bashing stopped for refreshment and saw the beautiful sunset scene. After that, we will take you to the Desert Camp. 

Enjoy camels and desert boats, and get the opportunity to wear traditional Arabic clothes & for women, our girlfriend experts will worship your hands with a beautiful girlfriend design.

Finally, you will end your tour adventure under an open night sky, enjoying a delicious buffet dinner (vegetables & non-vegs) with lots of cold drinks. You will also be treated to traditional entertainment such as Live Fire Show, Belly Dance, and Tanura Show when you eat. After the show is finished, make your friends. In the photo group photo session, you have the best Private Desert Safari in Dubai and then return to Dubai to take you.

This package includes

  • Choose from your apartment, hotel, residence, private villa
  •  DTCM (Dubai Tourism) Approves the Desert Safari Guide License
  •  Drive Adventurous to Achieve High Dune to Stop Photos
  •  Dune Bashing at Al Red Desert at Toyota SUV Land Cruiser
  •  After Dune Bashing Gentle Drive to the Desert Camp
  •  Welcome traditional in the camp with tea/drink
  •  Arabic candy & fresh fruit, date
  •  Sunset scene photography
  •  Ride the sand
  •  Riding a camel
  •  Henna painting
  •  Sheesha
  •  ‘Hubbly Bubbly’
  •  Photography of Local Arabic Dresses
  •  Soft drinks (coke, sprite), water, tea
  •  Direct BBQ, International Buffet Dinner (Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian)

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