A Peek into History of Ajwa Dates

0 hold a special place in Islam. They are an unforgettable item of the dinner table in the month of Ramadan. They are not just loved because of their rich taste and softness but because of their rich history as well. Are you well aware of their history? Do you know why only this particular type of date has a special significance in Islam? If you do not know about its history and would like to know, this article is meant for you. It will explain the historical importance of Ajwa dates from the point of view of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) liked Ajwa dates a lot and he planted the first tree of Ajwa Dates near the Quba Mosque in Madinah. Since he liked the flavor of these dates and was aware of its benefits, in the late 500s or 600s he suggested that Muslims all over the world should break their fast with an Ajwa date. The significance of these dates can be judged from the point that they are a part of Tibwi Nabwi. There are many Hadith and other Islamic references that depict that Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) suggested that multiple diseases can be cured with the help of Ajwa dates.

One Islamic reference quotes that “One who takes seven Ajwa dates in the morning, he remains under the protection of Allah from magic and poison for the whole of the day.” He suggested his followers to have 7 dates every morning so that they can stay from different kinds of diseases as well. There are many Muslims who still follow these guidelines and have been experiencing the benefits of this fruit ever since. At the moment, Ajwa dates are widely popular not just among Muslims but also among every health-conscious individual regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Dates are a superfood that grows on the date palm tree. They are sweet and have a high nutritional value. These fruits provide multiple health benefits and are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and fiber. Dates are versatile snacks that can be consumed fresh from palm trees or dried and preserved for several months. There are more than 600 varieties of dates with different shapes and flavors, but the Ajwa date variety is trendy worldwide. A hot and dry climate characterizes the cultivation of this date in the south of Iran. Ajwa Persian Dates with black skin are oval-shaped and medium-sized. It is traditionally associated with the Islamic prophet Muhammad and is often consumed during Ramadan and Islamic religious events.

Ajwa dates along with their wondrous taste are good for health as well. It has lots of benefits which are mentioned by the Quran and Hadith and being a Muslim we believe that all of the benefits mentioned by the Quran and in Hadith by Prophet (P.B.U.H) can never be wrong.

A lot of benefits of Ajwa dates are also now proven scientifically. Ajwa dates online Saudi Arabia is available on a lot of different websites like Alibaba, Shop rex, discount mall, etc. offering the best quality of original ajwa dates at a reasonable price.

People in Saudi Arabia prefer ajwa dates more than any other type of dates. This is because of some reasons that will push you too towards them instead of other types of dates.

Ajwa dates are full of vital nutrients and minerals that can make up an important part of your diet. They help your body to function normally and grow strong consisting of an element called Potassium that is best for your cardiac health.

It also contains magnesium that is also good for your heart allowing its activity to continue in a rhythm. Also, it helps to keep your bones strong.

Blood infections and risks are increasing day by day that is one of the well-known reasons for increased demand for ajwa dates not only in Saudi Arabia but in other parts of the world as well.

People who are not in Saudi Arabia can go for ajwa dates online Saudi Arabia and get them from trusted websites so they can reach your doorstep. These dates also help out to fulfil the deficiency of calcium in your body that is in turn good for your bones and teeth.

Atherosclerosis, a disease that leads to injuring your arteries and a plaque builds up inside arteries disturbing the whole system; has its cure in ajwa dates preventing from heart attacks and strokes as well. Ajwa dates online Saudi Arabia has a lot of advantages for and during childbirth as well.

Ajwa dates

It is no less than a miracle and helps to reduce the pain during childbirth as well. As mentioned above, ajwa dates have a lot of important nutrients and also provide the body with extra amino acids as well than normal food we eat, leading to the providence of ease during the birth of the child.

One of the most versatile foods that can help one with the process and problems of digestion is ajwa date. People from Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world when complaining about digestive problems are recommended to add up ajwa dates in their lifestyle. Ajwa dates online Saudi Arabia helps to pacify any feeling of hunger and improves your process of digestion.

Apart from its benefits, Ajwa dates have their own importance in religion Islam and Muslims from all around the world open and close their fasts by eating dates and drinking water. Hence neither science nor Islam disagree over the importance of ajwa dates in one’s life.

Ajwa dates history is rich and has a promising future. The History of Ajwa dates from 5000 years, and it is a gift from our Prophet (S.A.W) to us. . It has significant importance in the history of Tibwi Nibi where Ajwa dates benefits have considerable prominence. 

Ajwa date (Khajur) is the one which is harvested by the Blessed full hand of the Prophet to free Hazrat Salman Farsi. Hazrat Salam Farsi wants to serve Islam, but his masters put lots of workload on him that he is not able to serve Islam.

One day, Hazrat Sulman Farsi asked the masters to free him, but his masters said that his freedom would be three hundred palm trees in just one night which is nearly impossible for him to do.

Hazrat Suleman Farsi defined this condition to the Prophet (S.A.W). The Prophet (S.A.W) asks him to sign the agreement with him. Masters sign an agreement because he takes it for granted. 

The Prophet asked the Sahaba to help the Suleman. They all collected the shoots of the Palm tree, and the Prophet touched all of them one by one and cultivated them at the defined place of Masters.

Next day, full age palm trees are ready. Master has no excuse to relieve Hazrat Suleman Farsi (RA). After that, Ajwa fruit spread all over the world, and people cultivated them. There are many hadiths in the Quran, which enhances its importance more.

Eating Benefits in the Morning

Prophet (S.A.W) said about the benefits of eating dates in the morning, he said,” Once who consumes seven dates in the morning will be protected from magic and poison for the whole day”.

That’s why we as a Muslim cannot deny its importance in Islam which defines us countless benefits of dates in Islam. Many pilgrimages across the world prefer to bring Ajwa dates as a gift to their beloved one.

There are many types of Ajwa available at Saudi Arabia, Makkah –tul- Mukarramah airports and near to Makkah Mukarma. Still, the taste of Saudi Arabia khajur is considered above all.

Why Saudia Arab dates are considerable because Saudi Arab is the best country in the world who are producing 35 types of dates for their consumers and Ajwa is above all.

In Saudi Arab, you will find many shops selling Ajwa dates in packed and loose forms. A large farm of Ajwa is located near Quba Mosque. Thus, Ajwa is the holy fruit of Madina, and it is marked as a variety of Madina.

However, some types are harvested in Qassim area and sell the dates with the same name, but it is not as such preferable by the pilgrimage.

benefits of ajwa dates

Benefits of Consuming Ajwa Dates:

Ajwa dates are the fruit of miracle because it has countless health benefits. It is one of the best superfoods, which are a great source of nutrients and vitamins, minerals, fibre for the human body and mind.

Dates are also one of the versatile fruits which people consume as it. It can be added in many dishes to make it more fanciful and fascinating. If we say that how many types of dates are there in the world then, answers may surprise you that there are around 600 varieties of dates in all the world.

But the flavour of Ajwa dates cannot be denied. It has a soft, delightful taste and available in different colours such as from dark brown colour to dark black colour.

Resolve Fertility Issue:

The first Ajwa dates benefit revolves around fertility issues. Your child is the greatest gift for you; it gives a sense of peace and relaxation even if you had a terrible day, still, the smile on your kid’s face makes your day, but many couples are suffering from infertility issues.

It is the proven fact that Ajwa dates resolve the issue and help them to get pregnant and increase their libido.

Not only that, there are many other benefits of dates for women such as:

Helpful for Lactating Women:

Another health benefit of Ajwa dates for women is that it helps lactate women and assist in enriching breast milk. As a new mom, it could be a possibility that women come across many health concerns, the consumption of Ajwa dates daily to protect them from many infections and diseases.

Reduce the Pain During Childbirth:

Ahwa dates and facilitates the human body with many nutritional values, and it is also quite helpful in reducing the pain during childbirth. According to Islam, Maryam A.S eats Ajwa dates to minimise the pain of childbirth.

It is again proven that the intake of Ajwa dates during 36 weeks of pregnancy will benefit women in making lower state of induction, shorter latent phase of labour and favourable for the cervix.

Why you should need to add Ajwa dates to your diet for the skin, and hairs health:

Ajwa Dates Benefits for Hair and Skin

Ajwa Dates Benefits for Hair and Skin:

Ajwa dates are the best source to boost the collagen level, which increases the elasticity of your skin. Ajwa dates are enriched with vitamins A and C and extremely Rich with antioxidants that prevent cell damage.

Not only that, it will also increase the performance of subcutaneous tissues which make your skin shiny and glossy. The consumption of Ajwa dates daily slows down the process of wrinkles and fine lines. These are the dates benefits for the skin.

Dates have uncountable hair.If you want to enjoy a good hair day, then that is not the issue, all you need to do is to add the Ajwa dates in your life. It makes your hair stronger and shiny.

Ajwa dates are full of iron which improves your blood circulation and passes oxygen to your scalp, which strengthens the hair roots and hair follicles.

Dates Good for Weight Loss:

If you are the one who is always concerned about weight loss. Ajwa dates are suitable for you. All you need to take care of the amount you are consuming.

If you take in bulk, it could be a possibility that you gain weight here you can take help from Ajwa powder benefits. You can also grab the Awja energy bars in your healthy lifestyle.

Let’s have a look at Ajwa Dates Nutrition:

Besides its thousands of health benefits, we all know that Ajwa dates are filled with many nutrients and minerals. It consists of Magnesium which makes your bones strong, carbohydrates and calcium are as well.

Not only that, you will get Vitamins A, K iron and many other healthy nutrients through Ajwa date.

Neutriential Packed Ajwa Date Recipes:

Dates are incredibly packed with nutritions. You can create delicious and mouthwatering dishes which gives you health benefits throughout your day.

Most people think that dates are consumed as it is but you can do experiments with this superfood by creating many date recipes. There are many recipes for dates but one of the famous is Date shake.

Dates Shake Benefits:

If you want to start your day with a smoothie for breakfast, the benefits are uncountable. It makes your day wonderful and delivers nutrients to your body.

All you need is to add dates and milk, together in the juicer machine and give it a perfect blend and then add honey to boost its flavour more and the ideal day starter shake is ready to serve.

Besides its health benefits, Ajwa Dates price in Pakistan per kg is a little bit high because it is exported from Saudi Arab. Still, when you compare its rates with services, you will find it Affordable. Get benefitted yourselves with Ajwa dates health benefits.

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