A Complete Guide To Purchasing A Dryer In Singapore

Receiving wet clothing from your neighbors in the upstairs? Or do you struggle during the rainy season to air dry your clothes? Then it may be time to think about making a dryer purchase. To assess whether a dryer is actually for you before purchasing one, read this information. We also provide a list of some of the items to consider while looking for one.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Dryer

A dryer may be useful, but not everyone needs one. To assist you in making a better educated choice, consider its benefits and drawbacks:


Saves time: Compared to air drying, most drying cycles take just an hour or two to complete. If you wear uniforms or other items of clothing that need daily washing and drying, this will be a big assistance.

Less clutter: Dryer Singapore is an excellent device for a tiny, cramped house since it eliminates the need for a clothes line, which may be a hassle if you have a little laundry room or service yard or none at all.

Larger things are easier to dry: When wet, larger objects like your bedding and drapes might be challenging to hang up to dry. It will be simpler to dry them using a dryer.

It is not affected by weather: even in the rainy season, dry clothing.

If you detest ironing as much as I do, you’ll be happy to learn that a dryer may assist to reduce creases on clothing after a wash, making it simpler to iron.


Costly: Dryers may be costly for the environment and your power bill in addition to being pricey to purchase. It’s crucial to seek for dryers with more ticks since the prices do mount up over time. The more ticks an appliance has in the NEA’s 5-band tick grading system, the more energy-efficient it is. Energy use per wash is used to evaluate a dryer’s energy efficiency.

Safety: Lint buildup from dryers might result in home fires. This causes a drum to get overheated and start a fire. At one instance, a clothes drier in a manicure salon in Singapore caught fire. Although the cause wasn’t disclosed, the filters and vents are often not cleaned as frequently as they should be in order to prevent dryer fires. The filter should always be cleaned after a load. Some machines include an indication that turns on at the end of each cycle to remind you to do it.

Reduced longevity of clothing: When compared to air drying, using dryers often may reduce the lifespan of your clothing by half. The heat and friction the cloth experiences throughout the tumble drying cycle are the cause of this.

Alternatives To Consider Instead Of A Dryer

There are various machines available besides dryers that may help dry your clothing. Think about the automatic laundry racks we covered in-depth in another post. These are ideal for tiny places since they don’t take up any floor space and are mounted close to the ceiling. You may reasonably expedite the drying process with the ones that function like dryers since they have a heater and fan. You won’t need to manually move the rack up or down since they are automatic. However, you must line each item of clothes up individually. If you Planning to Buy Best Cooker Hood Singapore you can know more about it.

A Samsung AirDresser or an LG Styler could be a better fit for you if you won’t be using your dryer all that often or if you primarily exclusively dry-clean your garments. Although the AirDresser has been thoroughly reviewed, both of these gadgets operate in a similar manner. They effectively work as steam closets, employing the heated vapour to sanitize and freshen your clothing while also having the ability to dry it. These appliances’ high cost and limited capacity are their drawbacks, too.

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