9 Ways to Give your Flats In Calicut a Luxurious Feel

In the quest for the perfect living spot, almost each and every one of us want our room to look as luxurious as possible! But how can a person even accomplish that without emptying their bank account? Luckily, there are a few easy styling tricks that can transform any room from boring to chic, thus giving you the feel of luxury flats in Calicut, a place where you aspire to live.

Here are nine ways to add that sense of luxury to your space.

Layer in lighting

It is imperative that living rooms ought to be equipped with a combination of both natural light and well-planned artificial lighting that can create an ambience suitable for any occasion. Adding and layering different types of lighting, such as pendant lights, floor lamps and table lamps, can create a more luxurious atmosphere. This would help in maximising warmth and adding character into the room, creating different experiences within the space ‍

Dress those windows

In order to make a room look bespoke and expensive, opt for lavish curtains. They quite effortlessly yet elegantly can enhance the entire outlook of the room. Aim at creating an illusion of the room to look taller than it normally is by mounting the curtain tracks to the ceilings. Investing in window treatments can be an expensive proposition, but if you want to make a wise investment in your flats in Calicut, this is the first step to it.

‍Rug it up like luxury flats in Calicut

For a luxurious touch in living areas, peel your eyes for catchy rugs!. This will magnify the illusion of space. Pick a rug that covers the area completely and which will appear larger than it otherwise is. There are many types of rugs available, so have some fun and take your time with this important selection. Remember, a rug is considered to be a piece of art on the floor!‍

Embrace scale and add some art

If you want your space to stand out, think of interesting ways to attract your eye. Play with the height of your furniture, ornamental objects or try changing up your art and greenery!

For a luxury, well-designed atmosphere, hang art on as many walls as possible. Position a large piece of art on one of the walls of your living room to give it a focal point and a “wow” factor.

Play with colour and texture

The first step into any design project is to choose a palette based on hues and tones you’re attracted to and comfortable with. Pick hues that work and complement one another well in a room so as to give a more luxurious look. In addition to colour, incorporate texture as well, so as to bring your space to life. Texture adds that tactile feeling to your space and helps to create an atmosphere of depth.‍

Include a piece of history or a sculptural element

Make the room feel wise and sophisticated through the addition of little details, such as corniced ceilings, patina aged mirrors, or vintage side tables. Avoid turning your room into a sea of straight lines and try incorporating a few unique silhouettes or interesting shapes into the frame. An unusual side chair or a tree-root coffee table stationed somewhere will add an artistic charm as well as create an air of sophistication. ‍

Camouflage your TV

When it comes to our interior design peeves, we hate seeing the television as the focal point of a room. If you’re going for a more luxurious look, an attempt at hiding your television behind some joinery or even art. Or, take up minimal space by mounting the TV onto the wall and bid adieu to those untidy, pesty tangled cords. This way they look super fancy and streamlined even while it’s turned off. 

Don’t skimp on flowers and plants 

Air-purifying flowers and plants are beautiful decorations that adorn our flats in Calicut and radiate beauty. However, they can be a bit costly when compared with real and realistic-looking faux flowers. Don’t limit yourself to just one plant in a room. Possess plenty of plants, including a couple of large ones to give your room some texture. This allows you to bring out the outdoors into the indoors while also creating a cosier and more luxurious feeling.  

The concept of biophilic design into architecture is also thriving in cities where people have lost their interaction with nature. Integrating natural elements such as plants and allowing the entry of maximum sunlight into the built environment can offer the experience of nature indoors. As the best luxury flats in Calicut in kerala, these flats have added biophilic design elements to their indoor spaces. Thus, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Plush seating and metallics in luxury flats in Calicut  

Pillows and cushions of various shapes and sizes can instantly make a flats in Calicut feel more comfortable and welcoming. The key to creating an inviting space is adding furniture that is comfortable and elegant. The inclusion of a tiny yet noticeable metallic accent in your interior will also bring a sense of refinement. Consider using gold, bronze, copper or silver tones on cushions, lamps, accent walls, lighting fixtures, or centrepieces. 

Paying attention to meticulous designs and quality living is important to ensure that future flat owners enjoy the luxury to its highest standards. These designer flats for sale in Calicut have kept up to these luxurious standards of living suiting the lifestyles of their premium flat owners. 

The key to giving your flats in Calicut that special je ne sais quoi is not upgrading everything. It’s about using the right upgrades to create an unpretentious yet sophisticated vibe. Adding a touch of luxury to your space doesn’t necessarily have to eat into your budget. Hopefully, these pointers assist you in transforming your space into something chic and unique that imbues your flats with a more luxurious aura. 


In conclusion, by investing in a few simple design elements, you can give your flats in Calicut a luxurious feel. With so many affordable options to choose from, it’s possible to add sophistication and elegance without breaking the bank. From adding texture with rugs and cushions to making a statement with art and accessories, there are numerous ways to transform your home into a luxurious sanctuary. Why not get creative and make your flats in Calicut a place of comfort and relaxation?

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