9 Most Popular Swimming Pool Designs and Shapes

Swimming pool is the most fascinating addition to the house and have great benefits for lucky homeowners who have them. Not surprisingly, the US has more than 10 million residential pools these days. Pools are the best places where you can relax on a sunny afternoon, enjoy off work, have fun with family, have a party to entertain your guests or do exercise to boost yourself. The value of your home or property also increased surely because of the presence of an appealing swimming pool.

There are different shapes and designs of a pool and not made equally. Every shape and design have a different impact on the property and is created according to space and requirements. Always pick a style that is suitable for the area and matches the overall framework of the place. Selecting the design is as vital as picking up the shape of the pool to make the overall surrounding of the place attractive. Today we are going to discuss 9 common and unique swimming pool designs and shapes. Keep reading if you want to learn more!   

Rectangle Swimming Pool

Rectangle pools are the most popular shape of a swimming pool which provides adaptability to the user. They are versatile and can be created in long lap lanes style or modern small pool style. This shape of the swimming pool also displays strength and balance. You can create any feature easily in this pool design such as slides, sun shelf, volleyball net, waterfalls, and many more.

There are amazing variations in rectangle pools like geometric shape swimming pool designs and straight-line rectangular pool designs. The long lap style of the rectangle pool looks old and outdated that is used in the early days. Now you can update the pool by making the corner of the pool round and soft, providing a less traditional look.     

L-Shaped Pool

As the name suggests, the L-shaped swimming pool is like the alphabet ‘L’. One side of the pool is elongated and cut down at a right angle leading to the shorter side. This is an enjoyable swimming pool and the shape lies under the cap of geometric designs. Because of the popularity and credit, this shape gets from the homeowners oppressed us to mention this shape separately.

The design is appropriate from the aesthetic point of view and found space friendly. It enhances the attraction and elegance of your backyard which shows the versatility of the shape. You can separate the longer side for adults and the shorter side of ‘L for kids through the water level.      

Concrete Swimming Pool

Concrete pools can fulfill all the requirements as it is versatile. There are wide ranges of designs in the concrete pool that include long-lasting and durable features as well. The type of pool can be customized to a greater extent as it provides more room and options to pool builders. 

Swimming pool maintenance made up of concrete material is easy and cost-effective. Although concrete is not suitable for all soils as it has a colder surface, customizing properties and long-lasting effects made it a good choice for homeowners.     

Free Form Pool

This is a top pool design in which rounded shapes of different sizes are embedded in a curve fashion. They are fully customized pools that are designed according to the nature of the element present in the backyard to make it a nature-mixed pool. The dents are used to allocate waterfalls, landscaping, or attachment to the pool spa.

The sparkle and creativity made this freeform pool among the most unique and modern style pools. The free-form swimming pool is the best choice for those who do not have any shape or idea in their mind and looking for a free-flowing and customized style. The customization allows the builders to mimic a beach-style natural environment.     

Circular Pool

A circular pool is a good choice if you have lots of space as it is suitable to cover the large space outside your home. You can perfectly utilize the large area of your property and make it visually attractive so that you can have fun with your colleagues and family. Circular pools are more cost-effective as compared to straight pools, especially from a cultivation point of view.

The enclosures or covers in circular shape facilitate the maintenance process and keep the dirt out of the pool when not in use by covering or shading the pool. The shades are also helpful on sunny days to cool the environment.  

Grecian Pool

Grecian pool design is one of the ancient designs also known as Roman pools that require larger areas and huge construction. Roman or Grecian pool designs are the trademarks of grace and simplicity. The pool contains rounded ends with a rectangular shape. The rectangle shape is mostly used in Grecian pools, especially the classic Grecian pool is in rectangle shape but the ends are not rounded.

The most popular styles of Grecian pools that are installed in homes have short, rounded ends from outside that increase the pool’s length. The ancient time pool design was known as a sign of happiness for homes.    

Geometric Pool

The geometric pools are found similar to free-form pools in many aspects such as the shape of the set but they have straight edges or sharp angles which are not found in geometric pools. There are dozens of different designs in geometric pool shapes that you can choose. It is an appropriate choice for the backyard or soil which is not uniform.

The designs are unique enough to make geometric pool shape a go-to choose for homeowners. You can create a non-traditional layout in geometric pools by selecting the precise number of lines and angles to make the perfect designs according to your accommodation.    

Kidney Shaped Pool

Kidney shaped pool is one of the natural-looking pools which has a curved dent on one side of the shape. The shape looks similar to an oval shape as well. The shape of the kidney provides a more natural arrangement as one end is deeper than the other.

The dented end can be used to install other pool amplifications such as spa placement, sitting at the poolside, or a waterfall to magnify the beauty of the backyard. In this way, the curve style of the pool and indention on one side opens up lots of options that make the pool versatile and attractive. You can take pool maintenance services to enhance the pool attraction.      

Custom Pool

You don’t always need to select the swimming pool shape and designs from the conventional design book. You can choose one element or feature from each shape and customize your pool according to that.

Besides the traditional styles, you can design the backyard of your home by discussing your creative ideas with a professional team. You can add special features to the pool such as a spa, sitting area or fountains, and many more. 

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