8 Stylish Homes with Modern Interior Design

Although there is something incredibly ageless about a classic look, modern house interior design is exciting since there are no rules. The ideal environment for artistic freedom and self-expression is created by a modern interior design strategy, which offers space for experimentation and a blank canvas for exploring with white space, sleek materials, and clean lines. In this blog, we will be showing 8 Stylish Homes with Modern Interior Design that don’t have a significant modern impact on the rooms they work on but also on the industry as a whole. But first, let’s talk about modern house interior design. 

What is a Modern House interior?

A sleek and uncomplicated design style that first appeared in the late 19th century is referred to as modern house interior design. Modernism, in its most basic form, is a relaxed way of living. Designers kept the decor straightforward and focused on industrial components as a result. Furthermore, patterns are pretty scarce. The fundamental hues in block colors are the main focus of the contemporary interior design.

Given that it has been around for more than a century, it is difficult to define modern house interior design in one sentence. But clear lines are at the heart of its design. The simplicity of true modernism is evident in all facets of its creation. To summarize, a monochromatic color scheme, geometric forms, minimalist, natural materials, and artificial daylight are characteristics of modern house interiors. It especially indicates a documented aesthetic conditioning that flourished in the first to middle decades of the 20th century. 

Marmol Radziner House in Beverly Hills

modern house interiors

The Marmol Radziner house in Beverly Hills, California, is in the Trousdale estate. This house is a one-story home that is perched on a terraced plot. This house interior embraces the California heritage of indoor-outdoor living with warm and sophisticated simplicity. There are custom-made sofas with good quality fabric in the great room, which also has glass walls that open to a terrace and ledger sandstone fireplace surrounds. 

Steven Harris Luxurious Duplex

duplex interior design

This Steven Harris Luxurious Duplex is located in the city of New York. The living room, dining room, and kitchen that Steven Harris restores are displayed in a glass-walled penthouse. The living room, dining area, and kitchen were initially intended to share the penthouse with the master bedroom. For the house interior, the additional space allowed the common areas on the upper level to shine, and the couple was able to have a fully furnished master suite downstairs. This suite was outfitted with a study covered in wire-brushed oak, his-and-her bathrooms, a multitude of closets, and additionally truly stunning picture windows. 

Shelton Mindel & Associates Aspen Home

This house was designed by Shelton Mindel & Associates in Aspen, Colorado. A quartzite wall that faces the cedar in the entrance hall clubs to the second floor to serve as the living room’s fireplace frame and chimney top. Glass Walls, and Sliding doors, as well as an open floor plan where the living, kitchen, dining and other rooms are connected by a continuous douglas-fir ceiling, give this level, the main floor, the impression of a sophisticated contemporary pavilion. The main suite and a courtyard, the latter of which is partially shaded by a wide roof overhang and is framed by further projecting quartzite, are situated between those bright social areas. 

Steven Harris New York City loft

The Tribeca Loft is located in New York City and is a 1600-square foot floor which was and is over twice the size of the studio. The apartment’s heart, a lovely book-lined space that ingeniously and impressively combines a bar, library, and dining area, is lit by the three doors in the front room and a mirrored hallway close to the master bedroom. The house interior designers extended the kitchen cabinetry into the library/dining area, concealing additional refrigerated drawers and storage for pots and pans. The cabinetry is faced into 1960s bronze-hued resin boards and topped with fossil stone counters.

Charles Zane’s midcentury home 

This house is a midcentury home whose architect is Charles Zana, just outside Paris. He chose a sober and minimalist approach to redesign the interior, using strong axes, a primarily black and white palette, and a scattering of 20th Century design icons. According to Charles Zana, the house had no sense of harm before the remodeling. The modern twist was given to the house by introducing unornamented geometric facades, rhythmic rectangular windows, and a stepped terrace. 

Guido Palau’s New York City Home

living room interior design

This house is in Manhattan, New York City. A European armchair and ottoman by Wyeth are positioned in front of the fireplace, and a Tommi Parxinger mirror is in Guido Palau’s New York City interior living room. The house was decorated by Robert Passal. An old English Farm table and dining chairs are in the little dining area that is located in between the kitchen and the living room. A lovely rooftop garden with bistro chairs is accessible via French doors. The brownstone apartment’s restorations were overseen by the terrace, and the landscaping was done by Parrotta Design Management. 

Giovanna Battaglia’s Swedish Home

Giovanna Battaglia-Engelbert, a fashion editor and a real estate entrepreneur, has a George Condo picture that stands out in their Stockholm apartment. The George Nakashima sideboard in the living room is topped with a freeform wall lamp, and the sofa arcs around a low table. An excellent compromise between Battaglia’s “more-is-more” aesthetic and Engelbert’s more subdued Scandinavian design, the modern home is both vibrant and sleek. 

John Lautner Beach House

The 1980 John Lautner beach house owned by Jamie McCourt in Malibu, California, underwent renovations with the assistance of designer Waldi Fernandez and builder Micheal Kovac. The living room is furnished with cocktail tables, ottomans, a sofa, and a club chair that matches. There are also sculptures to the left area by Isa Genzken. In actuality, that meant preserving the foundational elements of Lautner’s design, such as the imposing concrete stairwells and fireplace, the swooping Fir ceilings, and the enormous boulders, while also replacing every square inch of outdated metal and glass, setting up a brand new electronics, structural and plumbing systems, and rearranging the floor plans to accommodate modern conveniences like a sizable chef’s kitchen, a comfortable media room, and an enlarged master bedroom. 


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