6 Tip to Optimize Your Online Store to Increase Online Revenue

All eCommerce businesses use email receipts, but the great majority of them just use them to inform customers.

Did you know that emailing a receipt to your customers might increase your sales and make them happy?

An email receipt not only serves as a record of the transaction but also has the option to provide further value propositions. It keeps customers engaged and entices them to come back. You can opt for SEO services from a reputed SEO company in India to get all these services.

Here Are Three Suggestions for Enhancing the Efficiency of Your Email Receipts:

• These mails ought to contain product suggestions that are pertinent. Why? Eighty percent of consumers like it when emails from businesses include product recommendations. It is based on their prior purchases, according to a Harris Poll online survey. This will increase the readability of the emails while also assisting you in upselling and cross-selling more of your products.

• Incorporate discount coupons within these emails to entice customers to make further purchases. Why? A new consumer typically spends $24.50 on an eCommerce purchase, whereas a recurring customer often spends $52.50. (McKinsey & Co.) Therefore, it makes total sense to provide incentives to new customers in the hopes that they will make another purchase right away.

• Seek out opinions. By questioning the customer about their purchasing process and paying close attention to their comments, you can learn about the potential pain points that customers may have experienced.

Ensure That Special Deals Stand Out

Most e-commerce sites are very active. Customers usually discover that they are unable to benefit from promotions as a result.

You won’t have to worry about your promotions being forgotten if you emphasise your limited-time deals in a way that prevents clients from ignoring them.

The method for doing that is as follows:

• Use popups to promote your exclusive offers. When creating these popups, try to find subtle ways to make them stand out from your website’s colour scheme without drawing the customer’s attention to yourself. After all, making it simple for your clients to make a purchase is your main obligation.

• At the very top of the page, add a vertical information menu. It is yet another successful strategy for publicising your exclusive discounts and boosting the number of conversions. It is brought about by these offerings. You can demonstrate them to each of your clients.

Promote Cart Abandonment

Every year, users abandoning shopping carts cost the online retail industry trillions of dollars in lost revenue. Therefore, contacting consumers who have left their carts unattended using cart restoration mailers can help recover a large proportion of these stolen carts.

Surprisingly, though, only a small portion of retailers utilise remarketing emails effectively. Most of these online marketers are merely sending one email to clients who haven’t finished their purchases. It is to remind them of their unfinished business, instead of paying close attention to their abandoned cart recovery programs.

Despite popular belief, not all carts can be found on the first try. This does not, however, rule out the prospect of recovering these carts. The results show that remarketing campaigns that produce three emails have a conversion rate that is 26% higher than those that just produce one email.

Send Emails with The Subject “Wishlist on Sale” In the Body

The vast majority of internet shoppers use a wishlist or registry of some form. Furthermore, the bulk of internet shoppers are cost concerned and enjoy receiving discounts. Notifying subscribers whenever the goods in which they have expressed interest become on sale makes perfect sense as a result.

In order to persuade them to buy the product they have expressed interest in, you should also send them an email when it is likely that it will run out of supply.

Put An Emphasis on Cross Sells and Upsells, But Do It Responsibly

It is well known that using upsells and crosssells is the simplest way to increase the overall revenue your eCommerce business generates. However, whether or not this will increase your conversions. It will depend on how you upsell and crosssell, as well as the clients you target.

Consider the scenario in which you have a small number of loyal customers who regularly shop on your website and buy things that are on sale. Should I attempt to upsell them on a more expensive item? Virtually probably not. In fact, you might want to take the opposite tack and try to present them with a more affordable option.

In a similar vein, it is more successful to display things that may be packaged with the customer’s current purchase. It  is when they are on your website’s checkout page rather than trying to upsell them.

Products Videos Are Crucial

Statistics show that people who see a product video are between 64 and 85% more likely to make a buy afterward.

But it’s perfectly acceptable that not every retailer has the resources to make a product film for each and every item they provide.


For those with the resources to do so, it is a simple strategy to increase conversions. If a company lacks the resources to deploy it throughout its whole product line. It can at least do so for its most lucrative products, which are more expensive, and therefore have a higher sales margin.

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