6 Symptoms to Watch Out for: Heart Attack in Women

6 Symptoms to Watch Out for: Heart Attack in Women. Heart diseases or strokes are life and death emergencies; every second is countable. It is a life-threatening medical condition caused by human beings due to improper blood flow. Knowing the women-centric symptoms of a heart stroke could help a person obtain proper medical treatment, thus saving a life.

Experts have claimed that women are less likely to fight their first heart attack as compared to men. This is because the symptoms of heart attack differ based on gender. Women are more likely to notice unusual symptoms and experience silent heart attacks. In addition, certain diseases like PCOS increase the chances of a heart attack in females. You can consult the best heart specialist in Delhi to diagnose your symptoms

Furthermore, women must specifically carefully notice the additional and unusual symptoms of cardiac diseases. Unfortunately, women are more likely to ignore the symptoms because they can be pretty subtle.

A Few Symptoms Women Experience During a Heart Attack 

Chest Discomfort:

Chest pain is one of the common symptoms of heart attack, but some women may likely observe it differently than men. Women may feel like squeezing or fullness of the chest. They may also experience pain anywhere in the chest, not just on the left side of the chest. The pain caused in women is uncomfortable, and it feels like tightness in the chest region. However, chest pain in women is not usually severe or even unnoticeable.

Chest pain is usually caused by the blockage of the heart’s main arteries, but in women, the small arteries are usually blocked. This might be the reason women notice minor chest pain. 6 Symptoms to Watch Out for: Heart Attack in Women

Shortness of Breath:

Women may feel like they cannot breathe properly or are not getting adequate air to breathe smoothly. Women might likely experience shortness of breath or breathing problems a few weeks before even having a heart attack. It might feel like you ran a marathon, but you didn’t even move a bit. If you notice shortness of breath and other symptoms, it could be a symptom of a heart attack, and you should immediately visit the best heart specialist in Delhi for a consultation. 

Women might experience shortness of breath along with chest discomfort or even before the chest discomfort. Shortness of breath that increases while lying down and reduces while sitting is an alarm of heart failure. 

Unusual Fatigue:

Cardiac fatigue or fatigue due to heart attack is very dramatic and debilitating. Cardiac fatigue means being extremely tired after your workout routine, which you usually are not. For example, suppose you notice that you could take a couple of stairs earlier, but now you can barely climb one or two. Other symptoms to look for are heaviness in the chest without exertion or excessive tiredness from daily household activities. 6 Symptoms to Watch Out for: Heart Attack in Women

Women can experience fatigue weeks before the occurrence of a heart attack. Women often complain of tiredness in their chest. Emotional stress also plays a vital role in triggering heart attack symptoms in women. 


Breaking out nervous or feeling cold sweats is a common symptom of heart failure in women. It can be associated with stress, exercise, or spending too much time in the heat. It is suggested to consult a doctor if you usually do not sweat or experience hot flashes. You may feel clammy as well. You may also faint or break out in cold sweat. Unusual or excessive sweating and other symptoms like nausea or chest discomfort are signs of a heart attack. Feeling cold without any reason is also an indicator of heart damage.

Unusual Pain in Neck, Pain, and Arm:

Pain moving towards your jaw, back, neck, or arms can be a considerate signal of a heart attack, especially if the origin of the pain is hard to locate. If the pain begins or worsens while exercising or doing household chores and it stops when you stop doing the activities, you should consult a doctor and get it diagnosed. These types of pain are more common in women as compared to men. It may be confusing as women expect the pain to be in their chest and left arm, not the back or neck. The nature of the pain can be sudden or gradual, and it can go away entirely or become severe with time. 6 Symptoms to Watch Out for: Heart Attack in Women

If these types of pain wake you up suddenly while you are asleep, and you also notice unusual symptoms in your upper body, it could be a sign of heart failure.

Stomach Pain:

Most of the time, women may confuse the cause of stomach pain with heartburn, fever, indigestion, or stomach ulcer; instead, it could be a warning of heart disease. Women may experience severe pain in their abdomen like an elephant sitting on them as a heart attack symptom.

Likely, everyone will not experience all the symptoms. However, women need to be aware of heart attack symptoms for an early diagnosis by the best heart specialist in Delhi. 

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