3 Effective Home Remedies for Pink Eye

You can experience a lot of irritation and discomfort caused by pink eye. For most people, pink eye symptoms disappear on their own. However, in some cases, people try home remedies against them because they don’t go easily. But if they don’t disappear even after using home remedies then there is a need to contact the specialist.

When a tissue, that is responsible for lining the eyelid and covering the white part of the eyes, gets inflamed the condition is known as pink eye or conjunctivitis. When there is pink eye some symptoms such as crustiness, pinkness or redness, itchiness, etc. appear.

In addition, pink eye is divided into three types and these types are bacteria, viral, and allergen. According to the ophthalmologist of Hmc Hospital Lahore, if bacteria are causing pink eye then symptoms will likely disappear within twenty-four hours. However, pink eye caused by viral infections can last for even up to two to three weeks. Additionally, pink eye due to allergens will disappear as long as you take anti-allergic medications.

However, here is a question how will you come to decide what type of pink eye you are experiencing? Because you yourself can’t decide whether it is bacterial pink eye or viral. In this regard, your doctor will decide the type by asking you several questions associated with this condition.

In addition, your doctor can also take a sample of liquid from your eyes to decide the type. A culture of this liquid may be needed due to the severity of the condition.

If you are experiencing pain, sensitivity to light, fever, or you are unable to sleep then you need to stop using OTC medications or home remedies because these symptoms can be a sign of a severe problem.

Home Remedies for Pink Eye

These home remedies for pink eye will help you to get rid of it:

  1. Use a Cold Compress

There is inflammation around the eye, even both eyes when you experience pink eye. In the beginning, it is irritating but with the passage of time, it can become painful too. When you apply a cold compress it may give relief from inflammation and may soothe the muscles.

When you are going to make a cold compress at home, make sure to take a clean cloth or hand towel and soak it in the cold water. When it is soaked take it out and wring the excessive water. After that, you can put this wet cloth on your inflamed eye for several minutes to get relief.

Additionally, if you are experiencing pink eye (inflammation) due to bacteria it becomes essential to not use the wet cloth again because when you reuse it bacteria can attack the eye for the second time. It can also increase the risks of spreading this infection to the other members of the household. To prevent these complications, a man with pink eye always needs to use a new wet cloth every time to soothe the eyes.

  1. Try Eye Drops

For some people, using teardrops or artificial drops can prove to be effective against pink eye symptoms. The use of these drops increases moisture in the eyes, and if you experience pink eye due to allergens it will help to wash away allergens as well as inflammatory substances from the eyes.

There are some OTC teardrops that are more effective because they contain antihistamines which play an essential role in reducing the severity of allergic reactions in the eyes. However, how many drops you have to apply to the eyes depends on the strength of histamines in the drops.

Therefore, if you are using these drops on your own then make sure to check the label before buying or consult a specialist. In addition, if you are experiencing pink eye due to bacteria then you can use antibiotic drops against this symptom. You can increase the effectiveness of these drops if you use them with the doctor’s consent.

  1. Avoid Touching the Eyes

Are you aware that pink eye, especially bacterial, is very contagious? If you touch your infected eye then it can increase the risk of spreading the infection to other people. Touching the eyes, again and again, can also worsen the symptoms significantly.

If a person with pink needs to touch his pink eye, like cleaning the eyes, he needs to wash his hands properly before and after touching the infected eye. Additionally, it is also essential to not use any tissues or towels that you have already used.

During the symptoms of pink eye, many people also don’t stop wearing contact lenses due to the lack of information. A person needs to stop wearing contact lenses, even for a short time, until the symptoms are completely gone.

The Bottom Line

Pink is can be troublesome if you don’t take measures against it. Even it can cause an inability to perform daily tasks. Therefore, the above-mentioned remedies will be helpful against pink eye.

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