Why Your Business Must Focus On Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has become the most important norm for any website, especially a business website. Quick loading and performance, powerful functionalities and impressive design are some crucially essentials aspects to take care in web designing in addition to responsiveness. Responsive web designing is all about ensuring a consistent viewing experience across the different viewing mediums like a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phones. Here are the top reasons why your business can’t neglect responsive web design.

Enhancing the user experience
User experience is a crucial factor you must importantly focus on when it comes to promoting your business and growing your brand image. It is important for people to like your site so that they will come back to you.

When someone visits your website on a mobile device and they do not find it load properly, they will get an unprofessional image about your firm and hence it is most likely that they will be put off. None is interested in doing business with a company that sounds unprofessional. So, without ensuring a good user experience, you can never convince people to choose your company and its offerings over other options.

Ranking better on Google
Responsive design is an important deciding factor in SEO. Since Google highly prefers websites that are mobile friendly, responsiveness of your site will get more weightage in ranking high on Google search engine results. Therefore, responsiveness will give you a definite advantage in ranking high on Google in combination with some other aspects. If your website is unresponsive, it is most likely that your website will be placed on lower ranking automatically.

Optimizing the website traffic
Studies show that over 79% of web traffic around the globe comes from mobile devices. This accounts for more than half of the internet traffic globally. It is very important that your website renders itself very well on all viewing devices in order to attract more traffic. Those websites that have implemented responsiveness have reported a sharp increase in their website traffic when compared to what they have been getting before making them responsive.

Cost effectiveness
Making your website responsive is much easier, practicable and economical solution than designing a separate website for mobile devices. Therefore, going for a responsive website design will help save on the costs of creating and maintaining your website. Therefore, though it is initially an expensive task to turn your website into a responsive one, it will pay you in the long run in several ways.

Easy Maintenance
Refreshing or updating how your website looks is a time consuming task that is only left to professionals. When you go for a responsive design, you need not hire a designer every time when you want to make some simple changes to your website. This will save you time, resources and effort.

Take home
The number of people searching for businesses on their internet enabled mobile phones is on a sharp rise, when compared to people who look for them on their computers like desktops and laptops. If your website design is unresponsive, you are risking the losing site visits and conversions. Therefore, it is prudent to hire a professional web design services Silicon Valley to make your website sport a responsive design.

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