Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Are you prone to accidents? Wet areas are a common occurrence in almost any household. There are bound to be some wet sections in every property, especially since there is no way you can avoid the bathrooms. These areas need to be dealt with caution, especially, to prevent slipping. If you tend to fall or have children or senior members, it is better to choose appropriate flooring materials to avert accidents.

Highlighting the benefits

Tiles are available everywhere in any household and are of varying types— marble, ceramic, granite, slate, ceramic, and so on. You will have to keep the safety aspect in mind. Despite a host of benefits associated with them, there is no way you can ignore their pitfalls. They tend towards being slippery, and you cannot overlook this factor. The non slip vitrified floor tiles are known for their special grip and minimize the chances of accidents owing to their less slippery surfaces. 

Wide range of colours

They have an anti-slip floor coating that helps in the maintenance of high friction high even if the surface turns out to be wet and soapy. As a result, the chances of slipping can be curtailed to a dramatic extent. The non slip vitrified floor tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes. It is their resistance to graze and blemish that gives them a sense of timelessness and appeal to the designs. These products are available in diverse colours: off-white, brown, white, and cream. You will get them in a wide assortment of textures and sizes. Other than their flooring applications, these slabs are also used for walls.

Minimize the scope of accidents

Ceramic slabs have smooth surfaces. That is one of the main reasons contributing to their accident proneness. In most cases, water or any other liquid substance may fall on these smooth surfaces and this will make them slippery. These kinds of situations may be dangerous for the people surrounding them. In these cases, they carry health hazards for the infants and senior citizens of the family. In these situations, the anti-skid slabs are a practical choice because of their moisture resistance. If the surfaces are wet, even these slabs have the ability to minimize skidding. 

Reduction of friction

The surface of these anti-skid slabs is porous. As a result, they can hold all kinds of liquid. The presence of a jagged surface has the ability to reduce friction. As a result, walking on these surfaces becomes much easier, and the chances of slipping on these structures are cut down significantly. They are resistant to water and stain. The cleaning-up procedure is a lot easier compared to ceramic tiles.

Longer lasting impact

Anti-skid slabs last for a longer period, in comparison to their ceramic counterparts owing to their thickness and high water and stain resistance power. The luster of the products remains intact over time. The weathering procedure is a lot slower, owing to their durability. They cannot be scratched easily. Installing these slabs is quicker and a lot faster. If the installation procedure is undertaken by experts, the process will be completed within a short span.

Taking a sensible call

Use the online medium to conduct a detailed research about companies having expertise in tile production. Do not rush to make decisions. The company you are considering should be a highly acclaimed name in the market. Obtain the advice of customer care executives in case you need clarifications. Glance through the testimonials of clients before arriving at a decision. The feedback will help you to reach a decision faster.  To know more about non slip vitrified floor tiles visit our website.

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