Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Located in one of the busiest streets of London, Hatton Garden has a rich history. It is one of the most prestigious diamond retailers and often referred as London’s Jewellery Quarter or hub of British Jewellery. Named after the London residence of Bishop of Ely, it has been the centre of diamond jewellery trade in London since the medieval times.

They have over 300 jewellery industry business in the area. It is one of the largest clusters of jewellery retailer in UK. Over the years, it has also become home to leading creative and media businesses. Beside jewellery shopping, here we have listed the plethora of things you can do at Hatton Garden.

Charles Dickens Museum

A must-visit attraction for literature buffs, it is located at 48 Doughty Street, Holborn- the home of Charles Dickens where he lived from 1837-39. The Victorian home gives you a glimpse into the life of the best novelist of all times. Oliver Twist was written in this house. The museum has the largest collection of Dicken’s letters, first editions, furniture and paintings. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions from time to time.

Jewellery Shopping

Get the most enthralling diamond jewellery shopping experience at the best jewellery stores of the world. Get a stunning solitaire engagement ring from certified diamond retailers at the best prices. Hatton Garden is known for the most exquisite designs and extensive collections. Moreover, you can find a jewellery within your budget for your loved ones easily here, without any compromise on the quality.

Leather lane market

Leather Lane market is in parallel to Hatton Garden and hosts over 100 street food stalls. If you are tired of shopping around for jewellery, grab a bite here and head back again. The most attractive feature of the street is the multiculturalism. You will find street food and variety of cuisines from different parts of the world here- maybe something from your home country too. It is the oldest market in Camden, serving the most delicious food for over 400 years.

British Museum

Name a milestone artefact discovery in world history and you will find it here. British museum is one of the most spectacular museums in the world and home to artefacts like the Statue of Ramesses II, Mummy of Katebet etc. There are 8 million artefacts from all over the world on display here. The museum is on Central lane- 15 minutes walking distance from Hatton Garden. Whether you are a history buff or not- the place is worth a visit when you are spending the day at Hatton Garden.

Grab a Drink at Ye Olde Mitre

The English pub is the ideal place to enjoy the ambience of a traditional English pub. It is located in a tiny alleyway between Hatton Garden and Ely place. It was established by Bishop Goodrich in 1546. However, documentations indicate it was built in 1773 and remodelled in 1930s. The classic attraction of the place is the range of house ales by Fuller’s brewery. The food and snacks are excellent too. There are occasional events organized at the pub so its best to check their itinerary on their website these days.

A visit to Waterhouse Square

The red terracotta Victorian building built in the 19th century is five-minutes’ walk from the centre of Hatton Garden. For someone with keen interest in architecture, the building offer much food for thought. If not anything, it is a small piece of the Victorian era, amidst the modern-day chaos.Whether you are looking for a diamond tennis bracelet or just a tourist exploring the place, Hatton Garden has enough attractions to keep your entire day busy yet fulfilling.

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