Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

With the harsh winter weather so many layers of clothes and on top is the large bags required to hold your essential as well as some shawl or stole in case the cold gets extreme. Look out for a bag that is aesthetically pleasing and large storage space. The urge to drink coffee randomly is quite strong in a cold climate, and I have lost count of how many times my files got damaged due to spilling the coffee within the bags, recently I discovered that tote bags with built-in cup holders that there is no chance of drink spilling. In this era of digitalization laptop has become the top requirement for working professionals and students, and finding a shoulder bag with a laptop compartment is a task on its own. Finding a tote with all the above-mentioned features is quite rare.

Cup Holders

No coffee is better than that made at home with our preferences but many times we compromise on the behalf that is coffee by anyhow got spilt you’ll be in a lot of trouble but worry not there are bags with cupholders built inside which keeps the mug straight and prevent spilling. Further, if it still got spilt we need a tote bag that is washable for such purposes the best bags would be printed cotton bags. I have probably lost count of how many times my documents got coffee stained but thanks to these cotton bags they are strong and can carry a lot of weight as compared to the regular ones and are affordable, top of all if there is a spill anyhow these are washable and you need not worry about stains the fabric is waterproof and stainproof.

Waterproof Bags 

This might seem odd to you but there is an innovation of a fabric that is a mixture of cotton and is waterproof and stainproof, providing you with the strength of cotton and easy stain removal property. Printed cotton bags provide one strengthened fabric so that one does not compromise with the files or accessories she needs.  What’s worse than your bag’s strap giving up on you on the day you are already getting late trust the timing it will happen on such a day when you don’t have time to change your bag. This is a feature one should never compromise within the work tote, and you’ll be wondering why not handbags and why tote. The reason for this is a tote bag has a large amount of storage capacity as compared to handbags no doubt handbags do provide tons of space but the space is restricted and you can fill it according to the set design.

Printed cotton bags come with a variety of designs and prints so that one can choose as per their aesthetic accordingly. Moreover, the large storage space they provide you along with the cupholder and strengthen straps is a must-go.

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