Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Following the recently announced $MNT token public sale, there has been a lot of talk regarding the project and what it is trying to accomplish. Massive token sell-outs occurred during the public sale, which went LIVE on July 1, 2022. The team also made several significant statements regarding the launch of NFTs and a P2E game.

The first cryptocurrency initiative in the world to be backed by actual cryptocurrency mining has shared some of its main sources of income and revealed some of its related activities.

Anyone who wants to participate in the expanding mining business can do so with the $MNT token for as little as $100, according to the Mr. Mint website. The incentives that will be provided to investors in the near future far exceed this amount.

Recently, Mr. Mint revealed that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) would soon be a part of its ecosystem. This project will be carried out entirely differently than the conventional methods of minting and generating. The NFT design will be influenced by the mining framework, an avatar- and equipment-led mix. As a result of the process, Mr. Mint NFTs will be created and connected to actual cryptocurrency mining.

According to an APAC Promoter for Mr. Mint, “it’s remarkable to see the support pouring in from the community,” “Mr. Mint’s growth is evidence of a massive acceleration in the cryptocurrency and Web3 ecosystem in totality, and the new and allied projects Mr. Mint brings shows that the team is here to BUILD.”

The Streams of Revenue Announced

Mining of cryptocurrencies: 

The project’s mining activities are controlled through strategic partnerships with mining companies in Australia, the UK, Iceland, and India that mine cryptocurrency using only hydroelectric and solar power. The profits from these mining operations are reinvested in the $MNT token’s liquidity and market capitalization. As a result, demand rises as the initiative provides the crypto community with a remedy for the enormous problem of liquidity.

Non-fungible Tokens

One of the largest ideas that the project has revealed is non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Equipment and avatar led NFTs will have excellent UTILITY VALUE in addition to HOLDING VALUE. These NFTs are now under development, and they will be made available starting in October 2022 in several stages. Lucky individuals who already own the $MNT token will be granted early access to the project before any significant NFT announcements are made.

P2E Game

NFTs will also be useful in the P2E game, where users can monetise their in-game actions in addition to using them to show off their NFTs and avatars. The company hasn’t revealed much about the game, but it seems like it will be futuristic in many respects and take inspiration from mining.

In addition, Mr. Mint plans to introduce Blockchain Academy by Mr. Mint, a learning initiative, at the beginning of September. Through this platform, users will have simple access to educational content.

A top-notch, large, and very functional area that allows anybody to build pertinent initiatives on top of the ecosystem may be created by the team, given their combined levels of knowledge, and it will only require hoarding the $MNT token.

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