Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Adjusting to a new school, its discipline, and finding new friends can be challenging for most children. Suppose you shift to a new city or locality for your job, and there’s no option but to change your child’s school; do you think they can find the same comfort in the new environment? Well, most children cannot and face several issues. However, parents can be crucial in helping children transition to new schools. Here are a few things you must remember. 

Help them communicate with others.

Children might often isolate themselves in a new environment, and such situations are unhealthy for their growth. Remember, leaving their old friends and finding a new group can be challenging. Thus, it is vital to encourage your child to communicate with others and extend a hand of friendship. Communication can also help children freely mix with others and discuss their issues with teachers. This is something every international school in Malaysia  encourages. These schools ensure children interact with each other and maintain friendly relations amongst themselves. 

Talk to them about their new school.

Parents must talk to children about what they like and do not like about their new school. Remember, talking to them about these can help you understand their issues in school. Parents can then solve them accordingly. Talking to your child does not only involve discussing studies. Instead, make sure your child can freely speak to you about their friends, if they are being isolated, etc. Offering a free space to talk is vital, and parents can help children adjust to their new school through this. 

Help your child follow the changed rules. 

Children often get used to a school’s discipline and rules. For instance, the regulations or class timings in an IGCSE primary school differ from that of a high school. Adjusting to these changes might be initially challenging. Thus, parents can encourage their children to follow the changed rules and discipline to help them adjust to the new school. Following a similar routine at home can be beneficial in this case. 

Help them listen to their teachers.

Enrolling your child in a new school can change the entire academic scenario for them. For instance, the new school might have a different teaching method than the previous one. Thus, it is crucial to help your child adjust to these changes, and the best way of ensuring this is by making them listen to teachers. Following class lectures and doing their homework regularly can help them keep up with other students. 


Children might often be reluctant to change their schools, but sometimes the situation is inevitable. However, adjusting to a new school and helping them transition might not be a task if parents help them. Remember, your child has to understand that changing the school is for their benefit, and it is only you who can explain it to them. Additionally, it would be helpful if you encouraged them to perform well and make a new set of friends so that they do not feel out of place. 

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