Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Are you looking for a way to give your pet the medication they need? Compounded medications are better because it’s tailored to fit what your pet needs. Just like people, animals can have different reactions to drugs, depending on their size and weight. This is why compounding medication for veterinary care is incredibly beneficial. In this article, we will discuss five reasons why compounded medicine are better than store bought.

Better Administration

Compounded medications are proven beneficial because there is less stress involved in administering them to your pet. Compounding pharmacies make liquid forms of drugs, which mean you can administer one easy dosage rather than giving many different doses throughout the day. This makes compounding ideal for all types of animals, including those that are very ill or often forget to take their medication.

Compounding pharmacists can include tuna for cats, beef or chicken for dogs, and banana and other fruit flavors for birds when it comes to customizing the drug to make it more appealing to pets. They are likewise able to create a solution for pets that are having trouble swallowing tablets by mouth.

Less Cost

Compounded medications can be the less expensive option compared to buying the drug in its original form at a pharmacy or pet supply store. Since compounding is done by their in-house by pharmacists, it no longer requires any additional ingredients, which ultimately saves you money. This also means that your veterinarian can prescribe them without having to mail anything anywhere and wait for processing, unlike with some other online pharmacies.

Easier Digestion

Compounded medications are generally easier on your pet’s stomach since there are fewer chemicals involved during the making of their medication. Store bought pills or capsules have binders mixed into them so that they stick together. However, these chemicals aren’t necessary when compounding a medication. This also makes compounded medication easier to digest for pets that have a hard time with swallowing pills or capsules like dogs who suffer from tracheal collapse, megaesophagus or other problems related to their throat and esophagus.

More Customizable Options

It is not unusual for a medication’s commercial form to be too strong or too weak for your pet. If that is the case, compounding pharmacists can make adjustments to the drug’s strength to accommodate almost any sort of animal.

In addition, compounding pharmacists are highly qualified in creating treatments for pets with diabetes. They can provide a sugar-free version of just about any compounded pet medication or supplement that is required by a diabetic pet.

Better Access to Animal Medicine

In many cases, a compounded drug has proven useful for pet that need particular, rarer types of medicine that a normal veterinary clinic cannot provide. In certain circumstances, medicines are only available in one strength or size, which means they may be ideal for big dogs, but not small cats. Compounding pharmacies have direct access to specific active components and parts that many mainstream drug stores do not have.

If you currently have a pet who is in need of constant veterinary care or is undergoing treatment for an illness or medical condition, then we recommend exploring compounding medication. Here in Dallas, Texas, we at Kearney Park Compounding Pharmacy are here to assist you on all your compounding needs. Give us a call today so we can answer all your questions and concerns and give you accurate and effective solutions through our Dallas compounding pharmacy services for veterinary care.

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