The Best Way To Find Wholesale Clothes Distributors

These days, finding wholesale clothes wholesalers for their companies is a worry for small business owners. A business owner who purchases goods from producers and resells them to other firms is known as a wholesaler.

The wholesaler doesn’t run a store; instead, they give your small business the merchandise to sell to your customers.

Wholesale distributors are crucial in connecting vendors and store owners, whether you’re in charge of a physical location or an online store. In this article, we will discover some easy methods that you can use to find reliable wholesale suppliers of clothing & apparel.

Simple ways to locate wholesale clothing distributors

With one or more wholesale clothes distributors, you can run a modest business. Finding the best person to work with, however, can be challenging. It will be your responsibility to find a wholesale clothing distributor who will:

  • Connect you to the vendors and products that your business requires
  • Affordable prices
  • Serve your local community
  • Is dependable, obedient, and simple to deal with

Before you can choose the best wholesale clothes distributor to deal with, you need to research the types of products you are selling. You can start looking for the ideal wholesaler to supply your clothes business after you are clear on what you need.

Examine the industry’s distribution channels

Carrying a product from the factory to the merchant can be done in a variety of methods. Here are 4 different categories of distribution channels.


For some products, you can purchase them straight from the manufacturer. Typically, boutique shops purchase from tiny manufacturers (sometimes one person).

Importer/Exclusive distributor

A company may be granted the exclusive right to import and distribute a good in a specific nation. Some may sell directly to shops, while others may sell to smaller neighborhood wholesalers who will then sell to other retail establishments.

Wholesaler / National distributor

Typically, national wholesalers get boxcar-sized lots and sell them to regional wholesalers who then supply small firms.


These individuals provide daily deliveries to nearby apparel retailers.

Start by contacting the manufacturers

The wholesalers’ payment will reduce your profit. To maximize your earnings, you need to start at the beginning and eliminate intermediaries from the situation.

When selling branded goods, contact the producer directly. They might sell to you if your order meets their minimum requirement. Request a list of reliable distributors that you may get in touch with from them if you are too small for them or if they only sell through well-established channels of distribution.

Your costs will be cheaper the fewer individuals you have to deal with. By doing this, you’ll increase your ability to compete in the market.

Visit B2B websites to look for wholesale lots

Different from those of other participants, the B2B business model. It places more emphasis on trade between businesses (B2B).

B2B platforms, such as The trade buzz, unlike the traditional business-to-consumer (B2C) model, focus on providing a platform for manufacturers to sell items in bulk at wholesale prices to small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) worldwide who then resale them in retail in their home markets.

Follow important B2B Marketplaces

You can purchase a great variety of goods at discount prices on several sizable online B2B marketplaces. Find a market that can serve your nation or region. Additionally, there are B2B marketplaces that are sector-specific, which can cater to either a national or international retail market.

Maintain a positive relationship with your wholesaler supplier

Using the manufacturer’s database, phonebook lists, or a wholesale directory you’d like to find out about, start contacting wholesale apparel distributors:

  • Their order’s bare minimal requirements
  • Their wholesale unit pricing
  • The area where they offer

This initial contact can be made by phone or email, and if you need more details or wish to continue, you can call to follow up. Be sincere in your search and avoid trying to sound more impressive than you are.

Get fashion trade publications by subscribing

Trade publications in your industry are a goldmine of business and interpersonal knowledge. A single issue of a fashion magazine may provide the names of dozens of wholesale clothes distributors or small garment manufacturers.

Nearly every advertisement in the magazine will be a product producer or distributor trying to reach you. Register for blogs, internet newsletters, and fashion magazines.

Don’t stress out if you make a mistake

It’s possible that you won’t work with your initial wholesale apparel distributor in the long run. The process of developing the ideal supply chain entails numerous attempts and errors.

Your initial objective should be to deliver a product. After that, you can increase your bottom line by experimenting with alternative wholesale clothes wholesalers as you continue to develop and expand your business.

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