Mon. Nov 28th, 2022
long coat for women

Leather coats are a traditional and everlasting wardrobe staple for all age groups, and they work well with a variety of attire but NOT with everything you wear. We know you like your leather jacket and want to flaunt it all the time, but wearing a long trench coat with your outfit requires a little additional effort. There are certain major no-nos to avoid in order to get a unified aesthetic. This post will give you an idea of how to wear a long coat for women

  • Avoid Mixing Black With Brown

Black and brown are never a good combination. You may adore these two hues, but avoid combining black and brown. They are both solid colors, but when combined, they conflict and make you seem odd. When wearing a black coat, avoid combining it with a brown shirt or pants; similarly, if you choose sophisticated brown leather outerwear for a day, your shirt and trousers should not be of a brown tint.

  • Leather in Summer

Adoring your leather jackets does not imply wearing them in all seasons; they are a blessing in freezing weather to keep you warm and comfy, but they may make you appear uneasy if worn on hot summer days. Some people, though, wear their leather coats all year. However, you should avoid wearing hefty ones. You guessed correctly. Lightweight leather can be worn outside of the cold months. When it’s not too hot, you can make the most of it.

  • Oversized 

To look stylish, you should always wear clothes that fit your body. Some sweatshirts, t-shirts, or suits look oversized or undersized if not picked the size properly. The leather jacket’s size also needs to be selected carefully. If you buy clothes online or in-store, be sure to check the size chart properly. Also, read the return and exchange policy of the shopping site carefully so that you can change the size if required. 

  •  Say No To Excessive Accessories 

You can wear accessories with leather coats. For instance, you can choose to carry metallic chains, belts, necklaces, or handbags. However, if you put all these accessories together, your appearance will not be good. These small accessories will give you a messy look. You should keep in mind that sometimes staying simple is staying classy. Hence, rather than wearing all things at a time, you should go for them separately. 

  • Wrong Shoes 

It’s required that women’s leather long coats should be paired up with appropriate shoes. If you put on the wrong style of shoes, your whole appearance will be ruined. Black-colored shoe trend never fades out. Plus, black shoes always go well with black leather jackets. You can wear classic black boots to enhance your appearance. 

  • Pants 

In terms of bottom wear, a leather long coat can be coupled with pants, jeans, or even trousers. However, you should be careful about the color. Always try to wear contrast shades. Prefer not to do experiments with the color choice. Perhaps you want to pick yellow, orange, or green shades. Please be noted that these colors are not for everyone. The wrong choice of colors will present you as an uncomfortable and unconfident person.  

  • Low-Quality  

In order to save costs, many of us end up buying low-quality leather coats. We need to be knowledgeable about genuine leather and how to pick the correct one. Plus, genuine leather jackets might be expensive. However, they will be soft and durable. A low-quality leather coat will end up ruining your personality instead of adding to it. 

In Final Words

In the end, we will say you should consider the tips elaborated in the post. You should always style your long coat for women with suggested apparel to look appealing.

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