Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes

Product sales can be greatly impacted by the quality of its packaging. Therefore, use our SirePrinting Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes to ensure you get the best one possible.

These bespoke boxes will not only help you sell more of your product but will also keep it safe in transit. Our cushion kraft boxes come in a variety of sizes, and you can choose from a rainbow of colours to best represent your company and showcase your wares. Custom printing adds a special touch and helps your business stand out.

So, sell your pillows in branded retail packaging and have your clients sleep with your logo on everything they touch. Your company’s name, logo, website, and contact information can all be included in the box if you provide them.

So, if you’re looking for a simple yet classy way to package your gifts or business materials, consider our bespoke Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes. We can accommodate anything from a mug to a bottle of wine thanks to our assortment of sizes. There is no shipping cost, too.

One of the Quickest and Easy Methods of Advertising is a Personalized Pillow Box with Your Logo.

Pillow cardboard boxes with your logo may be found at SirePrinting. Select from a variety of options, including sizes and forms. Make unique print designs using a plethora of possible ink and text colours. It is possible to imprint in full colour or use a single colour screen print.

You can use these if you want your products to stand out more or if you’re looking for a gift box that will impress the recipient. Select one of our pretty printed Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes.

If you’re looking for a huge pillow box, we provide bespoke packaging. These kraft boxes are perfect for presenting confections, jewellery, baked goods, and other small items. To help you promote your business most effectively, our designers will collaborate with you to produce a custom promotional bundle.

The Clear Window Pillow Boxes Add a Touch of Class to Any Present

Several options for bulk Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes with see-through plastic windows are available here. Choice boxes and non-choice boxes are the two most common kinds.

When packaged in a choice box, your product is shown on both the front and back so that customers can easily make their selection.

Your consumer can see a design on the non-choice takeout box’s design side first, before picking on a taste to take home.

With Handles, These Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes from Kraft Make Transport a Breeze

There’s a convenient carry handle on each of these store packaging boxes, so your merchandise can be moved safely and securely. Large items of clothing or linens can be safely and securely shipped to customers using these containers.

Because they are transportable via several channels, you have the flexibility you require. Make it more unique by having your company’s logo or a custom design imprinted on it.

The pillow kraft boxes we sell can be used for everything from party favours to product displays. Jewelry, candy, trinkets, and other little items make perfect fillings.

Pillows Need to be Packaged in a Way That is Both Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing.

Whether you need a large gift box or a few small bespoke boxes for jewellery, SirePrinting has you covered. The only company in the field that provides online ordering, next-day shipping, and minimal minimum order quantities is us. We can meet or beat the pricing of our rivals while providing unrivalled quality of service. You can choose from several different sizes of our regular white pillowcases. As a bonus, we can engrave or screen print your design onto them, especially for you.

To give your goods the best possible presentation, utilise our pillow packaging. Boxes in a variety of sizes can be purchased with this silk screening; they are glossy, long-lasting, and made to last. These pillow pack boxes will do a great job of showcasing your product wherever you send them.

Pillowcases that Can Be Used as Adorable Gift Boxes and Party Favors

Give your customers something memorable and useful as a favour, and you’ll impress them. Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes can be personalised for New Year’s Eve parties, weddings, or any other celebration where confetti or candy will be distributed as party favours. These foam boxes are specially shaped to protect whatever is inside. Consequently, they are ideal for use as lavish presents and as promotional items for businesses.

In less than a minute, you may add a name or a special message to your pillow box.

We’ll print whatever you want on the pillow box if you just fill in the blanks. You can easily construct a unique and enjoyable present with the help of our wholesale Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes.

Discounted Bulk Shipping on All Orders of 5,000+ Custom Pillow Boxes

Pillows that are both comfortable and useful are terrific holiday present for clients and staff. They are also ideal for use as promotional mailers for businesses.

These boxes can be personalised by printing or silkscreening your company’s logo or name. These high-quality Merry Christmas Pillow Boxes are convenient for a wide variety of businesses, including pizzerias, restaurants, jewellery stores, and more. We’re pleased to provide pillow boxes in wholesale quantities at no minimum cost to you.

If you need a large quantity of Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes quickly, we can make them order and ship them to you for the same price as a blank box. You won’t have to pay anything to get the die set up. If you need your products to shrink wrapped, our expert logistics staff will do it at no extra cost. We can help you build a beautiful, standardised package in a matter of days, and we provide a wide range of sizes and a wide variety of finishing options.

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