Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
telecommunications law

The purpose of the organic telecommunications law is to establish the legal framework for the general regulation of telecommunications, in order to guarantee the human right of people to communication and to carry out the economic activities of telecommunications necessary to achieve it, with no other limitations than those derived from the Constitution and the laws.

Telecommunications means any transmission, emission or reception of signs, signals, writings, images, sounds or information of any nature, by wire, radioelectricity, optical means, or other related electromagnetic means, invented or to be invented. The regulations that develop this Law may specifically recognize other means or modalities that may arise in the field of telecommunications and that fall within the parameters of this Law.

This law is intended to regulate the Rights and Duties of the users of Telecommunications services, as well as those that correspond to the providers of such services.

It points out that the regulation of the content of the transmissions and communications carried out through the different means of telecommunications, is outside the subject regulated in the Law, without prejudice to the application of the corresponding constitutional, legal and regulatory provisions in force.

With regard to the general objectives of the Law

The following are established:

  1. Defend the interests of users, ensuring their right to access telecommunications services in adequate quality conditions, and ensure that their provision is made in a manner compatible with rights.
  2. Ensure the conditions of competition between service operators, through the adoption of measures that are appropriate for such purposes.
  3. Promote the development and use of new, efficient provision and integration of more and better services, networks and technologies when they are available, in order to achieve access to these for the inhabitants of the Republic in equal conditions and promote full territorial, economic and social integration.
  4. Promote research, development and technology transfer in telecommunications, training and employment of Venezuelans in the sector about router networks.
  5. Ensure the effective, efficient and peaceful use of limited telecommunications resources, as well as their adequate protection.
  6. Incorporate and guarantee compliance with universal service obligations, quality and uniform minimum coverage goals, and those obligations related to security and defense, that telecommunications service operators must comply with in contingency situations, in accordance with the regulations of the matter and the applicable plans dictated by the National Executive. Likewise, the Law is concerned with ratifying that the integral regime of telecommunications and the radioelectric spectrum, is the responsibility of the National Public Power and will be governed by this Law, its regulations and other normative provisions that are dictated in accordance with it. May 17 is the International Telecommunications Day.

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