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A diagnosis of infertility can often be accompanied by severe psychological shock. It is wrong to think that infertility is an expensive and challenging problem. We don’t believe in stereotypes and can effectively treat female infertility (infertility doctors in lahore). We offer a personal approach, the most up-to-date techniques, highly trained staff, and affordable prices. Get rid of the problem immediately. You will feel the joys of motherhood, which you have longed for. This is especially true considering that almost 80% of women who have received therapy can get pregnant within five years.

Different types of female infertility

More than 16% are married couples who face violations of their reproductive system. This is a violation of the law that prevents the occurrence of pregnancy in active sexual life. Two main types of problems can arise in the fairer sex.

Primary. It has never been possible to fertilize successfully. Congenital disorders cause most problems. These include the structure of chromosomes or the structure of the genital system.

Secondary. This is an acquired problem. There are some cases where successful fertilization can be achieved in anamnesis. Sometimes a woman has already had children but cannot have any more due to endocrine disturbances, infections, and other somatic diseases.

This isn’t the only classification. Please note:

  • tubal infertility
  • endocrine;
  • immunological;
  • psychological;
  • genetic;
  • idiopathic;
  • Early menopause

Only a qualified doctor can diagnose the problem. This includes considering the patient’s age, general health, and any history of chronic diseases.

Development reasons

There are many causes of female infertility. The problem of female infertility is more complex than the male one. This is because, apart from the maturation and formation of eggs, the body of the fairer sex must provide optimal conditions for fertilization. Even a slight malfunction in the reproductive system can make this more difficult. These are just a few of the possible reasons:

ovarian dysfunction;

erosion of the mucous membranes in the uterine neck

External and internal adhesions to the fallopian tubes

hormonal imbalance;

Physiological problems can impede the development of the internal genital organs


Polycystic Disease;

Unruptured Follicle Syndrome

Progressive inflammation of the pelvis.

The first step in effective treatment for female infertility is determining the cause. Based on the clinical picture and results of diagnostic manipulations, the attending physician will place them.


The symptoms of infertility in women are not always evident and present with a complete list. There is no single sign that can be considered a major pathognomonic. The condition is often not defined by a clinical picture. A patient seeks medical assistance with concerns about impossibility or conception.

Sometimes, indirect symptoms can be considered.

Failures of the menstrual cycles, where there is no spot, or when accompanied by uncharacteristic soreness, can lead to deterioration of general health.

When there is a hormonal imbalance, male-type hair grows, which is called hirsutism.

Weight gain is usually a sign of a disruption in the production of estrogens and androgens.

These signs can be easily identified even if you are not a professional. If you suspect a problem, it’s best to seek immediate advice from a specialist.

Infertility treatment for women

The type of problem and age determine the corrective methods that will improve the health of your reproductive system. A uterine factor is used to treat infertility in females using laparoscopy or hysteroscopy. Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drugs are prescribed for sexual infections. Psychotherapy is recommended for psychological disorders.

IVF is an assisted reproductive technology. This method of fertilization is prevalent and accessible. It is highly efficient. Women are often treated for infertility because the egg has already been fertilized and is placed in their uterine cavities.

Ovulation induction is sometimes recommended for endocrine disturbances. A doctor may prescribe drugs to affect the growth of your follicle.

Secondary infertility

Secondary infertility in women is treated by taking into consideration the causes. Pharmacotherapy refers to drugs that are used to treat infectious and inflammatory conditions. As an additional treatment, the doctor might recommend physiotherapy. Surgery can be used to treat obstructions of pipes, adhesions, and the appearance of neoplasms.

Each couple will choose a protocol that is most effective for them. You can successfully get pregnant and endure the treatment by seeking advice and trusting an experienced doctor.

Guidelines for clinical practice

Clinical recommendations are essential to quickly and competently treat female infertility ( infertility specialist in lahore ). Talking to your doctor is necessary. Follow his instructions and promptly report any changes in your health. You must follow the instructions when taking any medication. Self-medicating can have serious side effects and may lead to disease.

Every patient at our modern medical center receives individualized clinical recommendations. The attending doctor will prescribe the list of diagnostic manipulations, drugs, additional therapies, and preventive measures.

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