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For any house, the flooring is considered to be vital similar to its structure. Besides being functional, it improves the home’s visual appeal in several ways. Hence, when flooring is concerned, it is very much important to take special care. The right type when installed will ensure enjoying it for a long time. Tiles are undoubtedly the most widely accepted and appropriate type of flooring materials used in homes and commercial establishments.


There are several factors to be taken into consideration when selecting tiles for your floors. But first-timers are likely to have a tough time trying to find out from where to start the search. Every space or room is constructed to serve some specific purpose. The tile is to match perfectly the exact needs. You need to take into consideration the type of room where the tiles are to be fit.

Tiles for different rooms

The bathroom is a place that experiences lots of water. It is recommended to use non-porous, water resistant tiles in such places. Neutral or light coloured tiles will make the place appear elegant and spacious. You can select vitrified tiles or ceramic tiles for your living room, based on furniture and interiors. Kitchen is stated to be a high traffic area. Hence, you should opt for a tile that is not only durable but also requires low maintenance.

Tile colour

There are tiles available in the market of different patterns, textures and colours. Flooring colour does play a vital role to accentuate feel and appearance of your home. It is quite obvious for one colour that works wonderful for one room to not work similarly in another. Light coloured tiles for instance, creates airy, spacious feel. Lighter hues such as pastel and cream floor tiles create that illusion of space. They are mostly preferred for indoors.

Other colour choices

Dark coloured tiles are more suitable to be installed outdoors. If installed in smaller rooms, then will make the space appear smaller! For floors in large kitchens, choose burnt, navy or chocolate brown coloured tiles. If you find difficulty in the selection process or simply don’t understand what to do, take help of someone who knows. Some portals have well-trained customer service representatives who can provide guidance to make the right selection.

Shape and size

Like finish and design, tile size also tends to impact space appearance. You can find glazed vitrified tiles in different sizes and they do make excellent choices for your flooring. When buying tiles, make sure to know the size of the rooms and select them accordingly. Always buy extra tiles than required to cover breakage and damage. Whatever be the room that you plan to install the tiles, make sure it is scratch resistant.


Besides checking floor tiles price in delhi ncr, you also need to take into consideration the finish. Stone tiles tend to work fabulously for home exteriors. For indoors, glossy tiles are great selection! For kitchen and bathroom, you may use wood finishes, since they offer the entire space with a warm feel. Moreover, they are slip resistant. Finish should be given equal importance as the right one can enhance beauty of the place.


Floor tile spacing does help influence overall appearance. This is something you are to understand after determining tile layout, size, pattern, colour and type. Also, they are to be installed correctly to derive optimum impact. Before laying them, make sure to consider spacing. You can find grout in a wide range of colours. You make them playful by choosing it wisely. Experts suggest using grout to match floor tile. Considering all the above aspects will ensure the results derived are more than satisfactory.

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