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Exercise and Survival for Women with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer occurring in women all over the world. It occurs due to the uncontrolled growth of breast cells because of mutations. Doctors at the best cancer hospital in Delhi often recommend a combination of treatments for the disease.

The treatment methods can include radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and other medicines. Regular exercise also has massive potential to improve the quality of life for women with breast cancer. Scroll down till the end to understand how daily exercise can benefit women with breast cancer.

●    High Chance of Survival

Physical activity can help people with breast cancer to live longer. It reduces the risk of mortality from breast cancer and related diseases. People with breast cancer have a 28% higher chance of survival when they get around five to eight hours of exercise every week.

Moderate levels of physical activity are also enough for a better chance of survival in breast cancer patients. Women suffering from deadly conditions can try 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise like cycling or walking every week. It leads to around 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week.

●    Improved Tolerance for Treatment

The treatment methods for curing cancer have several side effects. Physical exercise has the potential to reduce side effects caused by chemotherapy, radiation, or other treatment methods. Several studies prove that women with breast cancer are more likely to complete their chemotherapy duration by exercising regularly.

●    Low Risk of Recurrence

Recurrence refers to cancer coming back despite proper treatment. There’s concrete evidence to prove that regular exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer recurrence. As per a 2021 study, exercising can reduce breast cancer recurrence risk in women by 63%.

Exercising for only two to five days a week is sufficient for preventing recurrence. Only one hour of exercise per week can help you witness significant results. Even after recovering from breast cancer, staying physically active is necessary.

●    Better Physical Functioning

Staying physically active will help breast cancer patients regain or maintain their physical functioning after or during treatments. Breast cancer treatments like radiation therapy and surgery can negatively affect tissues in the armpit and chest wall. The damage often hampers the patient’s range of motion.

Cancer treatment methods can also affect the strength and endurance of patients. After surgery, your doctor will suggest you not perform physical activities for a few days. But staying inactive for a prolonged period declines your fitness instead of improving it.

In a study, 1710 patients were evaluated to detect the effect of exercise on those undergoing cancer treatment. Range of motion exercises after breast cancer surgery can improve arm and shoulder function. Ask your medical practitioner about when it’s safe to rehabilitate with physical activities.

●    Enhanced Mood and Energy

Aerobic exercises are great for improving mood and energy in women with breast cancer. A combination of muscle strengthening and aerobic exercises is even more beneficial. It can relieve anxiety and depression associated with cancer treatment methods.

Fatigue is associated with several cancer treatment methods. Both radiation therapy and chemotherapy can cause tiredness. Physical activities can also reduce fatigue associated with breast cancer.

Exercising Tips for Women with Breast Cancer

Some exercise tips for women with breast cancer are as follows:

●     Talk with Your Doctor About Long-Term Effects

Some breast cancer treatment methods have long-term effects. For instance, radiation therapy leads to stiffness for weeks or months after the treatment session.

It often restricts a person’s range of motion and prevents them from exercising comfortably. You should speak to your doctor at the best cancer hospital in Delhi about when you should start exercising after treatment.

●      Begin Small

You don’t have to perform intense workouts in the beginning. Start with exercising for short periods like walking for ten minutes. You will be able to regain strength and endurance even by exercising for shorter periods.

●     Concentrate on Range of Motion

If someone’s range of motion gets restricted, they might find it hard to perform several physical activities. Women with breast cancer have often been prescribed a range of motion exercises to better perform other activities.

Final Thoughts

Around 150 to 300 minutes of aerobic exercises of moderate level is great for breast cancer patients. But if you can perform vigorous-intensity aerobic exercises, 75 to 150 minutes are enough. Aerobic exercises include walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, and more. Breast cancer patients are also asked to perform muscle-strengthening exercises like weightlifting. Consult your doctor regarding the exercises you should perform to stay safe and witness better results.

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