Mon. Nov 28th, 2022
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Emerging as an online technical business can be tough with all competition in the market, but Phixey presents a real game-changing device protection plan. It comes with an incredible package to keep your devices under warranty for any type of repairs, fixtures, and spare parts.

No matter how badly your gadget falls or is damaged, Phixey professional technicians and repairers are on full-time service all year round! A device protection plan can help you save a lot of money on ludicrous expenses and keep all your gadgets, such as cellphones, smartwatches, laptops, and tablets, under an annual subscription plan with tons of advantages. Let’s dive into the pool of benefits they offer!

Why Choose Phixey?

Phixey comes with reasonable prices, a tremendous list of offers, and carefree device protection all year round. You can easily access the fastest and most professional repair services online with no deductions and extra charges! Just one subscription to change your tech lifestyle forever.

What is Phixey Membership?

Phixey has a list of membership packages for every device. Whether clients demand a specific device care plan, such as a smartwatch protection plan or an ultimate one that includes more than ten devices, Phixey has your back 24/7!

Device Membership Benefits:

Discounts! Clients will get up to a 25% discount on Phixey membership comprising 10+ devices. All your cellphones, laptops, and tablets will come under the subscription, and you will no longer need to run for device insurance and expensive repairs when the warranty runs out. Here are Phixey’s different device protection plans and subscriptions:

Smartphone Protection Plan

A platform to protect your cellphones and iPhones for under just $19.95! The more cell phones you add, the bigger the discount offer. Phixey has an additional device accessory shop online with phone cases, phone protectors, trendy pouches, high-quality adapters, and so much more. All these can be pretty expensive, no? Well, not when you subscribe to the ultimate Phixey smartphone protection plan- where all device accessories become reasonable and lighter on the wallet. Not to mention Phixey also offers free shipping for protective device accessories as well!

Tablet Protection Plan

Did you break your brand-new iPad screen? Phixey will help you get a free repair under the tablet protection category costing $29.95 annually.

With Phixey subscriptions, clients will also get their hands on an infinite “talk and text offer” under $10 monthly, which will allow clients to use wireless data hassle-free.

Tablet Protection Plan also covers multiple device accessories, just like phone accessories! Tablet cases, pouches, charging cables, air-tags, mounts, and so much more are on the Phixey Shop under their annual subscription.

What brands does Phixey work with?

Phixey works with a wide range of brands such as Samsung, Apple, TCL, T-Mobile, LG, and 12 more on the list! They support all exclusive branded devices in their package, representing their technicians’ ability to work on any gadget’s system! Phixey has a variety of spare parts, new screens, capacitors, circuits, frames, and expert toolkits and equipment available for work.

What are you waiting for? Join Phixey quintessential services now to protect your devices under a cost-effective budget.

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