Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

You may have heard of Mace – but not Sabre pepper spray. Brands like Mace have become so prevalent that they are taken by some almost as a class of products instead of as a brand.

But there is more to deterrent formulas than Mace. Sabre pepper sprays and gels offer unique formulas, holsters and more that are uniquely designed to aid you in your resolve to refuse to be a victim.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Superiority of Sabre Pepper Spray
All Sabre pepper sprays deliver a concentrated burst of capsaicinoids (the key ingredient in pepper sprays), which is the compound that gives hot peppers their heat. These capsaicinoids inflame and irritate the eyes, mouth, nose, and lining of the respiratory tract, incapacitating a target for as long as several minutes.

Sabre pepper sprays are available in a wide range of configurations, with ergonomic, easy-access armbands, holsters, belt clips, and quick-release key rings that keep them at the ready and within a moment’s easy reach – when you need them.

Their formulas are also extremely effective at deterring attackers. Several of Sabre’s products use dual propellant systems and nitrogen gas to deliver a concentrated burst that covers a maximum surface area with minimal aiming to ensure you hit the target from a safe distance.

Sabre Red Pepper Spray, for instance, provides up to 35 bursts which can incapacitate a threat from up to 10 feet away. This blend, ideal for personal protection, also features a UV marking dye that makes it easier for law enforcement authorities to identify suspects after they have been sprayed.

In addition to Sabre’s pepper spray formulas, Sabre also produces pepper gels, which like pepper sprays are easy and discreet, but offer several pronounced advantages.

Unlike pepper sprays, pepper gels have an effective range of up to 20% greater than traditional sprays, giving you a greater safer deployment distance. Moreover, pepper gel does not atomize like spray and produces a consistent, cohesive stream, preventing it from fouling the air indoors, and making it safer to use outdoors because it reduces wind blowback. Unlike pepper spray, pepper gels also only affect what they comes in direct contact with.

Why Pepper Spray?
Pepper spray formulas like Sabre pepper spray can be indispensable components of a personal protection kit.

For one, in most areas, laws regarding pepper spray are much less stringent than those regarding personal defense weapons. This makes it practical for most people to carry pepper spray formulas where other alternatives, such as firearms or stun guns, would be illegal.

Moreover, pepper sprays like Sabre’s maximum strength formula, while effective at deterring attackers, are nonlethal. One study, conducted by the National Institute of Justice, indicated that pepper spray was useful in deterring attackers as much as 85% of the time – and that none of the arrestees died in custody.

Pepper spray is also extremely discrete, lightweight, affordable, and easy to learn how to use effectively, even with minimal to no training.

So, in a nutshell, if you need an affordable, practical, effective, legal and nonlethal option for self-defense, a solution like Sabre pepper spray may well be your best bet.

Where Can You Get Sabre Pepper Spray?
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