Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds always add a cosy and luxurious atmosphere to any environment.

Due to its organic appearance, every homeowner loves to have them on the windows of their homes.

Regular cleaning keeps these window blinds appearing clean and like new.

However, most people find it difficult to perform this task regularly.

Because of this, they frequently allow dust and filth to accumulate over time.

Due to this a layer has formed on the surface of these blinds and cleaning those blinds become very difficult.

The dust on these blinds will enter your nose and easy whenever the wind blows.

That is why you have to make sure that your blinds will remain clean to keep your home dust free.

For that purpose, you have to use some right methods and tricks that you can use to clean your wooden blinds.

Guide To Clean Wooden Blinds:

Knowing the kind of material you’re working with is important before cleaning wooden blinds.

Are they real blinds or faux wood blinds, you have to make sure of this at first.

Faux wood blinds mimic real wood, especially when finished with paint.

Knowing the kind of blinds you have is crucial, particularly if you’ve recently moved into a new house

Moreover, you are unsure of whether they are wood or faux wood blinds.

The slats of genuine wooden blinds have a naturally wavy grain pattern.

Whereas faux wood blinds are constructed of PVC, vinyl, or composite

That is a mixture of polymers and they don’t warp due to their resilience.

The consistent and manufactured grain patterns on each slat make faux wood blinds easy to spot.

Both types of wooden blinds should not be cleaned with abrasive detergents.

However, you may use the majority of cleaners on faux wood blinds without damaging them.

So. Let’s take a look at some tips on cleaning wooden blinds and making our blinds new again.

Dust The Blinds Regularly:

In order to keep wooden blinds from being worn and losing their natural aesthetic appeal,

You should avoid using harsh materials when cleaning them.

The easiest method to dust your blinds without harming them is using a microfiber cloth or a light feather duster.

The benefit of using a microfiber cloth is that it may attach to small dirt fibres on the blinds and pick up tiny particles that an ordinary cloth would miss.

You can get microfiber cloth from hardware shops and internet retailers, so there’s no need to worry about where to find one.

Dust Each Slat From Left To Right:

When you have your microfiber cloth or feather duster ready, you can begin cleaning the wood blinds slats.

Just be sure to wipe each slat one at a time, from left to right.

To get the greatest results, you should wipe each slat individually.

On the other hand, if your wood blinds are vertical, make sure to dust them from top to bottom.

If you use this method, you can see how thoroughly your wooden blinds are cleaned at the end of this cleaning session.

Rotate The Blinds To Clean Other Side:

To make sure that your blinds are completely effectively clean.

Turn the adjustment rod in the other direction to open the blind’s other side.

Like you did on the opposite side, thoroughly dust the slats to keep them tidy and dust-free.

You will need to be committed and persistent to clean your blinds in the best possible way.

If you’re not too busy, you may clean your blinds twice a month to preserve a clean appearance.

Wash Your Blinds:

Another way to clean your blinds is by washing them with lukewarm water.

This is for your blinds when they need deep cleaning in case dusting them is no longer working.

But make sure never to use harmful chemicals or cleaners to clean them as they can destroy your wooden blinds.

Because these chemicals can leave strains on the blinds so, just use simple water to clean them.

Use a Clean Piece of Rag:

Wooden blinds are not a good product when they remain in contact with water for a long time.

So make sure that your blinds will never remain in the water as this causes warp or damage to blinds.

Therefore, you should use only a slight amount of water and for that purpose always use a rug.

First, dip that rug into water then squeeze the rug properly and start cleaning your blinds.

Clean Slats Individually:

Just like you do dust off your blinds now it is time to clean them with a damp cloth.

Make sure your wooden blinds are clean and dust-free on both sides.

By using your moist cloth to wipe one slat at a time from left to right before moving to the other slat.

If you still see stains on your blinds, use your moist towel to clean them out more firmly.

Remember that using chemicals during this operation may harm your blinds very badly.

As a result, this will prevent your home from looking as inviting as you would like it to.

Dry The Blinds:

After cleaning and washing these wooden blinds make sure you dry them as soon as possible.

Because if the slats remain in contact with water for a long time, water will destroy the blinds.

This is the kind of damage that you should avoid every time you clean your blinds using water.

That is why after every wash of wooden blinds always dry them with a dry rug or with a dry piece of cloth or cotton.

This drying will help your blinds to stay in shape and bring them back into their original shape as before.

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