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Models of Samsung refrigerators with a single door have served Indian customers well for over three decades. The South Korean juggernaut provides a vast selection of consumer products, including LED televisions, washing machines, and refrigerators. 

Samsung’s single-door refrigerators are among the finest and most affordable models. Single-door refrigerators are prevalent in Indian households because they are inexpensive, practical, and valuable. In contrast, Samsung refrigerators with a single door include the most recent technology and features. 

Single-door refrigerators with the Digi-Touch Cool 5-in-1 function, for instance, have digital temperature control, e-defrost, and auto express cooling. Elegant and modern in form, Samsung fridges are available in vibrant hues and you can also purchase a Samsung refrigerator on EMI with zero down payment from Bajaj Mall.

India’s Top 10 Best-Selling Samsung Single-Door Refrigerators for Sale

1. Samsung 192 L Refrigerator (RR19T271BR2/NL)

• The Direct Cool technology used by this refrigerator reduces its energy consumption.

• The reinforced glass shelves can support up to 150 kg, so you can confidently store heavy pots and trays.

• The anti-bacterial gasket on this Samsung refrigerator with a single door inhibits mold growth and germs, keeping your food fresh and sanitary.

2. Samsung 198 L Refrigerator (RR21T2H2XCU/HL)

• The Digital Inverter Compressor regulates its speed based on the amount of cooling required while ensuring the appliance operates quietly.

• This refrigerator is powered by Home Inverter Plus and connects automatically to the inverter during power outages.

• The Safe Clean Back safety cover safeguards vital coils and wires and is simple to clean.

3. The Samsung 198 L Refrigerator (RR21T2HWCU/HL).

• The Samsung single-door refrigerator has a digital inverter compressor that monitors and distributes coolness to all seven levels.

• This refrigerator provides an additional 6 liters of storage capacity, allowing you to keep more fruits and vegetables.

• The refrigerator’s 5-star certification and superior technology guarantee that it uses less energy and reduces utility costs.

4. Samsung 230 Litre Refrigerator (RR24A2Y2YS8)

• The appliance’s Digital Inverter Technology provides improved energy savings, less noise, and durability.

• The refrigerator is equipped with voltage protection, allowing it to operate without a stabilizer for more extended and protecting it from voltage changes.

• The Vege box with an enormous capacity provides a handy location to keep fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Samsung 225 Litre Refrigerator (RR23A2F3X9U/HL)l

• This refrigerator’s Digi-Touch Cool control panel provides fast and straightforward access to specific functions.

• This model’s Digital Inverter Technology conserves energy while reducing noise and maintaining the appliance’s durability.

• The toughened glass shelves of this Samsung single-door refrigerator can support up to 175 kg of weight, allowing you to store heavy pots and utensils without difficulty.

6. Samsung 255 Litre Refrigerator (RR26T389YUT)

• This refrigerator’s Cool Wave technology provides chilling retention for up to 9 hours, keeping your food fresh and sanitary even during power outages.

• In the case of a power outage, this Samsung single-door refrigerator with Smart Connect Inverter instantly connects to the home’s inverter.

• The anti-bacterial gasket inhibits the accumulation of fungi and germs, keeping the door lining clean.

7. Samsung 192 Litre Refrigerator (RR21A2N2XRZ)

• This model’s digital display provides fast and straightforward access to the control panel and repairs temperature loss.

• The 5-in-1 mode includes Eco Mode, Power Cool, Temperature Control, e-defrost, and a Black Out alert.

• The Power Cool feature blows forceful, cold air inside the refrigerator for rapid and efficient cooling.

8. Samsung 220 Litre Refrigerator (RR23A2K3XBZ, HL)

• This Samsung refrigerator is the first Direct Cool refrigerator in the world to produce and preserve fresh curd.

• The Digital Inverter Technology ensures higher energy savings and a longer lifetime for the appliance.

• This Samsung single-door refrigerator is solar-powered and environmentally friendly, and this single door refrigerator price is very reasonable.

9. Samsung 192 L Inverter Refrigerator (RR21A2M2XUZ/HL)

• This model’s anti-bacterial gasket keeps the door liner clean and prevents mold growth and germs.

• This refrigerator’s toughened glass shelves can support up to 175 kg of weight, allowing you to store large pots and pans.

• The Digital Inverter Technology and 4-star certification of this model guarantee increased energy savings.

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10. The Samsung 212 L Refrigerator (RR22M272Z8/NL) 

• The built-in stabilizer protects the appliance from power surges by compensating for voltage variations.

• The Vege Box protects your veggies for extended lengths due to its sturdy box cover.

• You can easily store watermelons, pumpkins, and huge trays on glass shelves that can bear up to 150 kg of weight.


Bajaj Mall provides you with several refrigerator alternatives. It contains quality features and has an affordable single door refrigerator price. Today, we will examine the most OK single-door refrigerator in India.

A single door refrigerator will suffice if your household has between three and four persons. Most refrigerators include an internal stabilizer, so there is no need to spend additional money on one. At the Bajaj Mall, you can avail of several discounts and offers on your purchase of a single door refrigerator online. Using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can get benefits like free home delivery, zero down payment on select products, and a flexible repayment tenor.

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