Mon. Nov 28th, 2022
american signature furniture

The American Signature Furniture company has been making affordable, durable and high-quality furniture, but few people are familiar with it. The reason? The brand doesn’t do much advertising and relies on word of mouth to get its name out there among American consumers. In the following article, we’ll give you all the details you need to know about this fantastic company, including its history, manufacturing process, unique selling points and some popular pieces of furniture it has created. So keep reading to learn more about the forgotten furniture company that could have your furniture needs covered!

How Did They Start?

 His home lacked running water and his wife’s dressmaking business barely helped pay the bills, so he began building furniture as a hobby. After moving to the city, he started selling these pieces at farmers’ markets and they sold well. Word got around about the handsome new pieces from this master craftsman and his signature furniture company was born!

Later on, he established a relationship with Christopher Dresser – an English designer who created for Louis Quatorze in England as well as elsewhere around the world. One of their designs became world-renowned

Why Have We Never Heard Of Them?

People may not have heard of The American Furniture Company, but this furniture maker started in 1949. Founder Milton Rogovin created a business to provide signature furniture at an affordable price that was still high quality. After building up his business and ensuring every customer is happy with their purchase, Rogovin passed away in 2009. His son took over the company’s day-to-day operations, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for The American Furniture Co., which filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and closed its doors shortly after. Despite the legacy left behind by the company, people are only aware of Signature Design Group Inc., whose owner Todd Herman turned his small manufacturing operation into one of America’s largest furniture businesses.

Where Are They Now?

One hundred years ago, the Indiana Limestone Act was signed into law, a measure that led to an increased demand for building limestone. This trend, combined with limestone’s excellent quarrying properties and low cost, created an environment perfect for producing high-quality building stones. It wasn’t long before a company known as the American Limestone Products Company opened its doors and began producing signature furniture like sideboards in Marion. Today, after 99 years of history in Marion, production has moved to a state-of-the-art facility in Alexandria where 80 employees make furniture from Indiana limestone every day. And while they have grown over time, what hasn’t changed is their dedication to designing beautiful pieces with the same precision and attention to detail they always have. The legacy of furniture making lives on at the American Limestone Products Company.

How Can We Get Their Products Today?

We offer a wide selection of heirloom-quality furniture designed to last generations, made entirely by hand. The company was established by an artisan with a master’s degree in woodworking who wanted to marry traditional techniques with high-end finishes. To meet the growing demand, we opened our first store in 2007 and have since grown to six showrooms across the country that showcase an incredible array of items from dinnerware, bedding, and home décor.

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