Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

There is one debate in the gaming world that has continued to come up time and time again: computer PC gaming versus console gaming.

When it comes to playing video games, most people often choose to do the majority of their gaming on PC or console. While some people do both, most gamers are often loyal to either one or the other.

You’ve probably heard the term “PC master race” before if you’ve had the misfortune of scrolling through Reddit. But is computer PC gaming actually superior to console gaming? Which one is right for you?

PC vs Console: Price
If you’ve started searching online for PCs and consoles you’ve probably noticed something right away — consoles are much cheaper. Computers are a bit pricier than consoles due to their high quality components and high performance levels. A lot more goes into a PC, usually using the strongest hardware out there. Just remember, however, you’ll have to buy controllers, an external hard drive, and headphones if you go with a console.

Winner: Console

PC vs Console: Performance
Of course, with all of the latest hardware and high-end components, PCs are going to give you a better gaming experience. PCs made specifically for gaming, like CLX’s collection of PCs, include graphics cards, processors, and memory cards. These work together to create stunning visuals when immersed in an open world and make a game run smoothly without lag when you jump into multiplayer games.

Winner: PC

PC vs Console: Choices
This can get a bit tricky but in general, the PC has more choices if you’re looking to expand your gaming library. Steam and other online platforms allow you to purchase almost every game ever made, giving you a wide variety of genres and experiences. You’ll be able to play MOBAs and shooters as well as puzzle games, horror games, RPGs, and endless indie games. From expansive worlds to platformers, you can play anything imaginable on PC.

On the other hand, Xbox and PlayStation are often in a competition of sorts. Both have their own exclusive titles. Most of Xbox’s exclusive games are also on Steam. Some of PlayStation’s exclusives are only available on PlayStation, meaning PC players won’t be able to access them. Nintendo Switch also creates games exclusively for Nintendo consoles, meaning you won’t be able to play popular Mario games on PC without an emulator and other sketchy workarounds. This is why a lot of people end up getting a PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch if they want access to every game there is.

Winner: PC

PC vs Console: Portability
This is another tricky category! PCs are oftentimes a bit more extensive in their setup than consoles. Both, however, require a lot of wires and cords and other parts if you want to move them around for a LAN party or to another room. There are some smaller PCs that are a bit easier to move around, however, perfect for game nights with friends.

The easiest console to take on the go with you is the Nintendo Switch. This console is meant for travel. You can play on the plane, at the park, on the train, or at any house or hotel. If you’re looking for games on the go, the Nintendo Switch is your best bet, followed by the Steam Deck.

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