Drive Zone Online Open-World Racing Mobile Game

Drive Zone Online Although open-world racing games are popular occ88 with many gamers. But it cannot be denied that such games are Required to run through a high-performance game console or PC. for a smooth gaming experience. which for some Can’t buy PC or game console due to having to bear a lot of expenses That’s why they have to turn to mobile games that are easy to access. Plus, there are various price ranges instead.

Drive Zone illegal racing game It is also desired by the players.


As many gamers know. Even today’s illegal street racing games will find it more difficult to play But the genre hasn’t disappeared from the gaming world at all. In 2019, Need for Speed: Heat isn’t the best NFS game, but it’s a return to the way it was after. Payback and 2015 have disappointed many fans.

Drive Zone Online, an online racing game from Russia.

Drive Zone Online is an online Betflik new game. (According to the title) An open-world racing genre for Android that was last updated on August 16th. In the beginning, players.

ดูหนังฟรี have to buy cars, decorate cars, go to PvP competitions with others. when the race is over Gamers will be rewarded. So go buy a new car or upgrade it to a more powerful one, which is standard progression or a cycle for many racing games.

Drive Zone Online is currently undergoing “Open Beta Testing,” which is only available in Russia. But if gamers are interested You can scout for more details on the Google Play store page (requires VPN).

Drive Zone Online is a waiting room for CarX Street games ?

So why suddenly Drive Zone Online just boomed right now? Even though it’s a game that has been open for a long time? Maybe it’s because the game has a similar atmosphere to CarX Street, an open-world racing game on mobile. It is planned to launch for Android in October and for PC on December 16.

หIf you compare the graphics, gameplay and overview between the two games. It’s undeniable that CarX Street is a more polished game. look attentive It is clearly more playable than Drive Zone Online, so it is believed that Drive Zone Online is like a The “living room” for those waiting for CarX Street to open When the game is open to play Gamers are ready to move to new games instead.

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