Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Although the phrase “new year, new me” may be worn out, do you know what isn’t?

A hair change. Furthermore, there is a plethora of exciting new hair colour trends to experiment with right now. The most popular colour trends of the past two years were all about natural, pretty takes on extremely low-maintenance colour, such as undone blonde and cinnamon brown. However, industry professionals predict that the most popular colour trend in 2022 will be all about glueless lace wigs as life begins to return back to normal… at least, they hope so.

That doesn’t mean you have to go out and dye your hair hot pink, but if you are interested in doing so, we have plenty of suggestions for you. Rather, there are a lot of surprising stories about tried-and-true ideas for hair colours that are currently popular as well. Why not order caramel ribbons or silver champagne instead of asking for basic highlights when you have those options? We consulted with industry leaders in the field of hairstyling to gather information on the latest and greatest hair colour trends, which range from classic blonde to electric blue. Here is what you should capture on screen for your upcoming appointment. This year, the Deep Wave wig red has also been consistently on-trend, and it shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. In point of fact, the light is only getting stronger. According to Jenna Perry, a celebrity colorist and the owner of Jenna Perry Hair in New York City, “people who want a bold change in their hair colour gravitate toward this shade.” “It’s sexy in some ways and playful in others.”

Just remember that red is one of the shades that requires the most maintenance, so you should prepare yourself for frequent touch-ups and make sure to only use shampoos that are safe for coloured hair. This year, now that hair salons have reopened, you can anticipate seeing more blondes with a lighter shade of blonde. Mark DeBolt, a colorist at the Mark Ryan Salon and a co-owner of the salon, has stated that the team there is “really loving the retake on this classic bottle blonde look on Anya Taylor-Joy.” “There is just something about that one-tone, even colour that is a high-lift or double-process blonde. I can’t quite put my finger on it.” This blonde can transport you back to the glamour of Old Hollywood beauties like Marylyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield. This colour is great for the person who wants to stand out in the crowd. “This colour is great for the person who wants to stand out in the crowd.” Due to the intensive nature of the process, DeBolt advises only those with naturally light hair to go for this colour, even though it is theoretically possible for anyone to achieve with the right amount of bleach. According to DeBolt, his customers are not going for major makeovers this winter; rather, they are focusing on making minor adjustments to the colours that they already have. According to him, customers are showing a preference for “richer and more dimensional versions of their spring and summer looks.” “This may mean adding ribbons of deeper shades of blonde to a blonde’s hair in order to create more shade-on-shade dimension,” the author writes.

This may also involve glossing their hair to a darker, buttery tone or playing around with a fashion accent such as marigold, peach, or apricot. He recommended that brunettes consider adding a gloss to their hair colour to make it appear darker and more vibrant, as well as adding more tones of amber, gold, and “root beer.” “Overall, the feeling is warmer, richer, and the colour of the hair appears to have been lived in more.” Refreshing dark hair colours with subtle highlights is a great way to avoid going too far into the territory of a radical change. According to Jamila Powell, proprietor of the Maggie Rose Salon in Miami, “brown balayage gives hair a lot of dimension and pop.”

This colour gives a nice, understated sun-kissed look, and it is versatile enough to work for anyone. In order to achieve the most dimensional and natural look possible with your hair colour, ask your colorist to use a variety of brown shades throughout your hair. According to DeBolt, he is particularly fond of dark and intense hues of red, particularly for the upcoming cooler months. According to him, the “winter looks are perfectly complemented by the richness of these red shades.” “Women who have a deeper skin tone look absolutely stunning in this. When someone has brown eyes, the red brings out the warm tones in their eyes. It sets the eye colour as a contrast colour and creates a beautiful contrast for someone whose skin tones have a blue or green undertone. Request a deep crimson or auburn tone that is not overly violet in its undertones. Because they add brilliant shine and condition the hair at the same time, semi-permanent hair colours are ideal for achieving this style.

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