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Bridge Under-Deck [Ma1]Construction Solutions: 12 Questions to Help You Choose


Sep 12, 2022

Careful selection of a suspended access decking solution for your project is necessary if you want to ensure there are no health or safety risks for your team. Here’s a list of questions to help you determine the best choice for your project when it comes to suspended systems.

What are Its Features and Functions?

Before you choose as bridge deck construction system, understand its features and functions. That will aid you in the selection process, making it easier to determine which solutions have the components to handle challenging work environments. Construction, maintenance, and repairs are some of the operational functions that your crew might perform in challenging work environments. You won’t have to worry about your crew getting into an accident when they have a sturdy under-decking system.

What are the Materials Used?

Wooden planks and steel decks are more traditional due to their durability and weight. Aluminium is the modern alternative of laying deck. We have to mention. Aluminium is anti-corrosive and ideal for onshore locations.

What Applications Do They Work for?

Consider the nature of your job requests. Do you often handle commercial, industrial, and residential environments? A under-deck system that addresses the needs of a wide range of workplace environments can provide the solution you need to ensure team safety, productivity, and efficiency.

What is the Capacity of the System?

Determine the capacity of the under-decking system. Consider the materials or weight of the tools you need to get on the platform. Will those under-decking systems be enough to provide the support your crew needs? Will that platform be stable and sturdy until the project’s completion date?

Is There a Full-Service Package?

Not all vendors design, manufacture, assemble, and dismantle their under-decking systems. Does the company provide those services, too? That means less worries and work for you, freeing up more time for your team to handle other aspects of the job. With the vendor taking care of the installation for you, you won’t need to worry about mistakes that could compromise the structure.

How Long Will the Installation Take?

The length of time will depend on how challenging the environment is. If your work site comes with unique risks or challenges, it would be best to talk to the company and discuss it in greater detail. Their standard decking systems might not be enough. However, some companies offer custom systems. That might be the better option for your project.

What Kind of Experience Does the Vendor Have?
Find out about the companies that the vendor has serviced before. Has the vendor provided under-decking solutions to bridges or offshore platforms? What about buildings, jetties, and other sites? That will help you determine if the vendor has the appropriate solution for your project.

What Kind of Access Can You Expect?

Consider how your workers will access the under-deck platform. Will they do so from the roof or the ground? Will you raise the platform or lower it to its location? Find out how the access works with a decking system that’s well designed to help your crew work at greater heights. Employees should have no problem getting access to the under-deck.

Are There Fall Protection Systems?

Aside from easy and convenient access for crews, it’s vital that you have other systems in place, such as fall protection systems. That can provide the confidence that your workers need. Missteps can happen, even when crews are being careful. One wrong move could lead to an accident. A fall protection system can prevent that with ease. If you want your crew safe while they operate at extreme elevations, look beyond access platforms. Consider adding more safety measures to guard against possible accidents.

Do They Perform Safety Checks?

Does the vendor carry out a safety check of the under-deck or platform after the installation process? Factor that into your timetable, though. If you’re in too much of a hurry that you want to skip this step, don’t. That safety check might uncover problems or issues. The inspection can help identify these problems and resolve them before they worsen. In addition, the safety checks must also assess if the workers know how to use the under-decking system properly.

Are There Adequate Guardrails?

Examine the under-decking system before you decide on anything else. Does it come with components that ensure the deck is sturdy and protected? Is it secure that it won’t lead to accidents for your crew when they handle job sites?

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