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Embroidery is a type of art in which cloth or other materials are adorned with a needle and thread (or
yarn). When embroidering art into a selected cloth, several different sorts of hand embroidery stitches
are employed. Below is a collection of embroidery stitches that you should be familiar with.

    Backstitching is one of the simplest stitches to learn It is mostly used for outlining since it produces a nice solid line. This stitch is made by pulling the needle up and through the cloth to make a forward stitch. then pulling the needle out the necessary length from beneath pulling up through, then bringing the point back through the preceding stitch.
    Running stitch is a simple embroidered stitch that is used to add details and create blurred outlines to your stitching. It is adaptive and has the ability to grow sophisticated, despite its simplicity. You may change the appearance by changing the length and spacing, or by having a new row of stitches betweenthe first. It is also a stitch that goes well with weaving and wrapping.
    Starting the blanket stitch is usually the most challenging part, but after you have started, it’s a piece of cake. To add variety to the stitch, adjust the spacing and height of the stitches.
    The fly stitch is worked similarly to the detachable chain stitch, but instead of forming a petal or
    teardrop shape, it makes a V shape or, in certain cases, a gentle curve.
    A split stitch is similar to a backstitch in that it is a solid line, but it has a braided feel. Another popular alternative for words and outlines that also works well for filling in designs. This stitch is made by pulling the needle through the cloth and making one straight stitch. The thread is pulled up through the center of the newly produced stitch with the needle and thread on the underside. It is then sewn forward for the length of the first stitch.
    The feather stitch is a type of linked stitch that produces open lines that appear to move. It’s terrific form a king frames and borders, and it looks fantastic when layered or embellished with other stitches. The look of feather stitch lends itself to sewing seaweed, leaves, feathers, or scales, and the variations allow you to embroider a variety of natural themes.
    This is the excellent stitch for filling in the pattern and creating a seamless appearance out of all the other types of embroidery stitches. Make one stitch with the needle that stretches from one end of the selected form to the other. The needle is then brought up right adjacent to the opposite side of the first stitch. To fill the design flawlessly, the stitches are kept close together.EMBROIDERY STITCHES.

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zebway is a embroidery work. We are a small team who have specialized in the embroidery work and now they are turning their skills into a business.All of us in zebway are passionate about our profession, and enjoy what we do. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality customized embroidered products in an efficient process with best prices and superb customer service.EMBROIDERY STITCHES.

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