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Indian Visa for Belgian and Italian Citizens
Belgian and Italy are two of the most sought-after countries for expats and migrants. That’s why many people are interested in Indian visa for Belgian and Italian citizens. In this article, we’ll talk about the Indian visa for Belgium and Italy, how it works, and what to expect when you apply. We’ll also talk about the Indian visa process, the Indian visa application process, and the documents you need to bring with you to complete your visa application.

What is the Indian visa for Belgium and Italy citizens?

Indian visa for Belgian citizens is a document given to citizens of Belgium and Italy who wish to visit India. It is given to people who are in the process of applying for a visa. It’s a good idea to have a visa in case you need to travel to India.

How to apply for the Indian visa for Belgium and Italy Citizens

The Indian Government has introduced a new scheme for foreign nationals visiting India for a short duration. This scheme is for the citizens of Belgium and Italy. This scheme is called the ‘Visa on Arrival’. The scheme is applicable for Belgium and Italy citizens only. They will be granted a visa on arrival. There are a few things that Indian nationals need to know before they apply for the visa. For example, they must have a valid passport and a return ticket. They must also fill in the online application form that is available on the website of the Indian Embassy in their home country. Indian Visa for Italian Citizens

Documents you need to bring with you

You must bring your passport and proof of a hotel reservation. You can provide this information either online or in person at the Belgian or Italian consulate. You will also need to provide the following documents: 1. A valid passport; 2. Proof of a hotel reservation; 3. A copy of your return ticket; 4. A copy of your bank statement; 5. Proof of Belgian or Italian citizenship.


Belgian and Italian citizens can apply for an Indian visa on their own. However, for an Indian visa, it is necessary to get an invitation from an Indian citizen. This is not a problem, however, because Indian citizens can easily invite other citizens from countries like Belgium and Italy.

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