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Euri Lighting is a division of IRTronix which was established in 2000, with the vision not only to produce energy-efficient lighting but to make it accessible for all. Together, Euri Lighting and IRTronix produce LED lighting technology, UV lights and components, and semiconductors that drive that vision.

The company was formed right around the time there was an enormous drop in the price of semiconductors, which are required in the manufacture of LED lighting, driving down prices in LED technology across the board. Today, Euri Lighting produces LED lights and components that are affordable and highly energy efficient. In some cases, their lighting products are as much as 80% more efficient than comparable traditional lighting products.

Euri Lighting LED bulbs and other lighting products do not sacrifice lighting quality, and Euri Lighting products comprise a wide range of different LED products that deliver a diverse assortment of different output levels, color-rendering indices (CRI), and color temperatures, to suit a wide range of settings, from the residential to the commercial.

Euri Lighting is also remarkable for producing a great variety of different LED replacements and retrofits, such as LED tube light replacements. For instance, they manufacture a number of LED tube lights that are damp-resistant, shatter-resistant, energy efficient, long-lasting, and most importantly, ballast compatible.

Like traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights, LEDs are bright and (like fluorescents) long-lasting, but they are far more efficient, dimmable, start-up and reach full brightness almost instantaneously, and do not contain mercury or phosphors, making them even more environmentally friendly.

In addition to the energy efficiency of LED lighting, there are numerous other advantages of utilizing LED technology in the home or workplace. LED bulbs are also extremely long-lasting, offer excellent brightness and output, produce very little heat (low fire risk), offer many different color temperatures, and in addition, contain no toxic compounds so they are safe to dispose of and can often be recycled.

Incandescent and fluorescent LED light bulb replacements are not the only lighting products that Euri Lighting offers. They also produce a wide range of residential and commercial fixtures and lights, including but not limited to canopy lights, vanity lights, high bay lights, wall packs, and LED corn cob lights (for replacing HID lamps).

The company also produces smart lighting, a wide range of fixtures, and UV-C lamps which are used for germicidal applications for food service and wastewater treatment, as well as for the purposes of sanitation, and in many professional and medical institutions around the world.

Where Can I Find Euri Lighting LED Bulbs?
Euri Lighting recognizes that LED lighting is the future and is at the forefront of technology and innovation, consistently improving its products and crafting creative strategies to develop cost-affordable solutions for clients around the world and in a diverse array of industries.

If you are looking for Euri Lighting LED bulbs or other LED solutions, visit They carry a wide range of LED lighting products, including cabinet lighting, retrofit lighting, high bay LED lighting, wall pack and recessed LED lighting, and much more.

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