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If you are asking, “Who Is Tommy Zizzo?” then you have probably already heard of this police officer. He is an American citizen and was once employed by the government. Tommy has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. The following article will tell you more about him and answer your questions. Also, discover the story behind his career and background. You may not be aware of the entire story, but it’s probably one of the most fascinating.

Tommy Zizzo is a police officer

In 2010, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) hired Tommy Zizzo as a trainee officer. The alleged crime is a heist that involved millions of dollars from his clients. Zizzo’s mother is an actress and singer who started her career in small TV roles. In fact, she is one of the most well-known stars of the music industry in the United States. Her son was born in 2013, and the couple is currently a household name.

Tommy Zizzo

The son of a divorced father, Tommy Zizzo was raised in Los Angeles. His mother, Erika, divorced his father in 1996 and married Thomas Girardi, an attorney and owner of the Hunk Mansion strip club. Tommy Zizzo does not have much contact with his biological father. In fact, it is possible that he never met him. Tommy Zizzo has a history of private life. He attended Rhodes College in New York and later graduated from the Los Angeles Police Department academy.

He is an American citizen

Tommy Zizzo is an American citizen. He was born in New York City and is a police officer. His parents, Thomas Zizzo and Erika Girardi, separated when Tommy was 18 months old. After his parents’ divorce in 1996, his mother raised him by herself. Tommy attended elementary school in his hometown and later joined high school in the United States. In recent years, Tommy has worked as a police officer in Los Angeles.

Tommy was born in the United States, and his parents are Americans. His father is a police officer, and his mother is an actress. He served in the LAPD academy, and his mother is an actress. His father is a police officer, and he is married to Erika Jayne. The two met while Tommy was working as an explorer with the Jersey City Police Activity League. Currently, Tommy shuttles between New Jersey and Los Angeles.

He was a government servant

If you are wondering if Tommy Zizzo was a government servant, then you’ve come to the right place. Tommy served as a government servant in New Jersey and has completed his education from the Rhodes school in New York. He also earned a degree in the Los Angeles Police Department and is currently employed there. During his youth, Tommy served as an explorer for the Jersey City Police Activity League. After graduating from the academy, Tommy started working professionally in the Los Angeles Police Department. Tommy was supported by his mother, who encouraged him to work in this field.

After his parents got divorced in 1996, Tommy’s mother moved to Los Angeles. His mother raised Tommy until he was 18 months old and then married Tom Girardi, a professional legal practitioner. He also owns a strip club and a pure CRO film. After his father and mother separated, Tommy didn’t get to meet his biological father. Despite his mother’s attempts to hide his identity, Tommy never met his biological father.

Though not a household name, Tommy Zizzo is a prominent police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. Before entering the law enforcement profession, he was an explorer for the Jersey City Police Activity League. After graduating from the academy at L.A.P.D., he started his professional career in the Los Angeles Police Department. Zizzo’s mother, Erica Jayne Girardi, has supported her son’s choice of career. In fact, she is thrilled to see her son serving the community and his country. However, there is no information on Tommy Zizzo’s height and body measurements.

As for his personal life, Thomas Zizzo is a single man. His mother, Erika Zizzo, moved to Los Angeles when he was just a few years old. The two met at the Manhattan China Club and dated for over a year. In December 1991, they married at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Though the marriage was successful, it was short-lived. Jayne and Zizzo divorced in the year 1996. Since then, Tommy’s father has not been publicly seen together, as the two have maintained a distance from each other.

He was involved in a car accident

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After marrying a lawyer, Tommy Zizzo has developed a close relationship with his mother. The former Chicago actress met his father, Thomas, when she was 19 years old and working as a go-go dancer in New Jersey.The marriage was short lived and Jayne separated from Zizzo in 1996. Since then, the relationship between Tommy and his father has been murky. Neither has made public appearances together since.

While Thomas Zizzo is a successful businessman, Erika Zizzo is a working mom. She does not have time for her son’s social life, and often travels to various business meetings. Despite this, Erika Zizzo remains close to Tommy, despite their hectic schedules. Tommy’s mother Erika Zizzo is a prominent pop singer and well-known face on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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