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Quanum EHR

In this article we’ll review Quanum EHR, an ONC-ATCB certified Complete EHR. In addition to its comprehensive features, Quanum EHR integrates with practice management, offers ePrescribing, and is very easy to use. You’ll also find out what you should know about how it works. Hopefully, these details will help you choose the right solution for your practice.

Quanum EHR – ONC-ATCB Certified Complete EHR

An ONC-ATCB certified Complete EMR can significantly improve quality of care and efficiency. This software helps doctors and other healthcare providers make better decisions and save money, while increasing the revenue of a medical practice. It also provides features such as patient engagement, quality measurement, and accuracy of diagnoses, as well as improved patient safety. The Quanum EHR is cloud-based, mobile, and ONC 2014 certified. It supports e-prescribing, SOAP notes, and progress notes.

On-demand customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need urgent technical assistance, contact Quanum EHR’s Customer Support team. If your problem cannot wait until the next business day, the Customer Support team will respond to your request within two hours. Customer Support includes updates, patches, and new releases, as well as programming changes needed to maintain backward compatibility. It also includes fixing errors in configuration or data modifications caused by You.

When choosing an EHR for your practice, make sure it meets the necessary requirements. You’ll want to be certain that the software is a complete EHR that meets all HITECH objectives. Quanum EHR has received certification from the ONC-ATCB, and its certified complete EHR meets all 44 measures. If your EHR program does not meet the requirements for both, choose another product.

If you’re considering an EHR, make sure it’s ONC-ATCB-certified Complete EHR. These products have met the rigorous testing standards set by the ONC-ATCB, and are reliable and secure in storing and transmitting patient health information. These certified EHRs are also on the list of eligible products for meaningful use incentive payments from Medicare and Medicaid.

Offers ePrescribing

As a nurse practitioner, you can use ePrescribing to provide electronic prescriptions and hand delivery of prescriptions. You can store all of your patient’s medications in one place, including inactive, reported and administered medications, supplies, and PBM information. With Quanum EHR, you can even provide supervising information on the prescription for your patients. This will allow them to receive their prescriptions faster and avoid the waiting period.

As a fully certified EHR, the Quanum Electronic Health Record comes with an integrated ePrescribing solution. With its Quanum network, you can connect with other healthcare organizations and third-party systems across the country for fast and secure data transmission. You can also improve patient care coordination by integrating Quanum Practice Solutions into your practice. The platform also features a variety of advanced reporting options, document scanning, and flexible billing solutions.

Physicians love the ePrescribing features in Quanum EHR. You can send prescription requests to patients, store medications and review medication histories and get refill authorizations with the click of a button. You can use this functionality alone or integrate it with another system, like a physician-to-patient portal. You can also take advantage of the Quanum EHR’s incentives for practicing on the platform. This platform can even send lab results electronically, allowing for a faster response time and increased patient compliance.

Using Quanum ePrescribing, you can document the complete clinical encounter. Quanum ePrescribing replaces the tedious, time-consuming process of prospective and retrospective approvals. It also reduces the risk of medication abandonment and fraud. Plus, it can also help you manage complexities associated with health plans, including tiered formulary information, patient eligibility, and patient co-pays.

Using ePrescribing software to process patient prescriptions can enhance patient care and simplify administrative tasks for doctors. ePrescription software helps doctors select the medication that is best for their patients from different brands or generic alternatives. These prescriptions can be electronically sent to the patient’s pharmacy, and it also eliminates the need for manual prescribing. This reduces clinician burden and boosts clinical efficiencies.

Integrates with practice management

Quanum EHR and practice management integrate seamlessly. They are designed to complement one another and streamline the essential day-to-day tasks of a medical practice. Quanum’s practice management features include revenue cycle management, billing, appointment handling, and more. Whether your office has two doctors or many, Quanum’s suite of integrated solutions can help make everything run more smoothly. Read on to learn more about these powerful solutions.

Quanum’s EHR is fully certified, allowing you to collect data for accurate diagnoses. The system includes built-in universal lab ordering, embedded access to patient lab history, ePrescribing, and a mobile solution. It’s also designed to meet all the requirements of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. You can easily chart patients with Quanum, and you can manage patient data from anywhere, anytime.

The Quanum EHR integrates with practice and financial management. With automatic eligibility verification from insurance companies, you’ll be able to better determine patient collections. Quanum practice management is a powerful scheduling system that improves patient satisfaction by offering daily, weekly, and monthly views. You can also easily create custom scheduling rules and manage your patient schedules. Once your practice and financial management are integrated, your patients’ electronic medical records will be up to date and accurate.

Having a well-integrated EHR helps you improve your practice’s operations. It makes it easier for doctors and dentists to access patient records at any time. Patients can also access their records from anywhere, reducing waiting times and anxiety. All of this leads to higher patient engagement. When you combine Quanum EHR and practice management, you get the best of both worlds. And it’s easy to see why NexHealth is such a trusted name in the healthcare technology industry.

If you’re looking for a solution that can help you track your productivity, Quanum EHR and practice management will make your life easier. These tools are easy to use and integrate with practice management software, making compliance with the federal health care law easier than ever. They also offer customizable reporting to help you better understand your practice’s performance. And, because Quanum EHR is cloud-based, it’s easy to maintain compliance with all industry regulations.

Easy to Use

The Quanum EHR is an integrated electronic health record that helps doctors to improve quality of care, efficiency, and diagnoses. Besides improving patient safety and quality of care, it also helps increase clinic revenue and reduce health disparities. Its intuitive user interface is easy to use and allows for multiple authors in write to a single visit. To get started, users can even choose to receive optional implementation help or attend training courses.

This EHR is built to be Meaningful Use for EHR compliant, making it easy for healthcare providers to make efficient use of their time. Other features of Quanum EHR include management of labs, clinical messaging, and documentation. In addition, it is compatible with multiple operating systems and can track patient health statistics over a long period of time. And because it is modular, you can add modules as your practice grows.

For those who don’t want to invest in a complicated EHR, the Quanum EHR platform offers many features for physicians to use. Among them are secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging. Messages sent with this EHR can include the patient chart as an attachment, making it faster for the recipient to respond. The system also features tasking, messaging, and graphing, which makes it easier for doctors to manage patient care.

The Quanum EHR is designed to integrate with other Quanum Practice Solutions to improve clinical decision-making, streamline practice management, and support continuity-of-care strategies. Its ease of use makes it a valuable tool for physicians and patients alike. You’ll be able to connect every facet of patient care with one system. This EHR is also called Care360, and you can use the two terms interchangeably.

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