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Medical Master Mind

If you are interested in purchasing Medical Master Mind Software, read on to find out about all the features that it includes. Look for MU Stage 2 Certified, ICD-10 compliance, and cloud-based capabilities. Then, make your purchase. After reading this article, you should be better equipped to choose the best Medical Master Mind Software for your practice. Let us help you make the right decision! You’ll be glad you did. But how do you choose the right program?

MU Stage 2 Certified:

Medical Mastermind is a web-based electronic health record solution. It includes electronic health records (EHRs), medical billing, and practice management solutions. It is HIPAA-compliant and ICD-10-compliant. In addition to a powerful EHR, Medical Mastermind comes with an in-built patient portal. This lets patients fill out registration forms prior to their appointment and receive their records electronically. As a result, the system helps physicians manage patient records, improve collections, and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.

The Medical Mastermind EHR is easy to use and tailors its services to the needs of individual practices. It is also less expensive than specialty-specific programs, and its knowledgeable customer support is popular. Its license fee is $475 per user per month, which includes training, data migration, and other hidden costs. It is a great option for busy practices that don’t have the budget for specialty-specific EHRs.

Stage 2 certification is an excellent option for physicians that want a complete solution for practice management, billing, and electronic health records. While MU stage 2 is very similar to stage one, it differs in several ways. Stage 2 emphasizes health information exchange and online patient portals. In addition, stage two includes many of the same objectives as stage one, but with higher thresholds. This means that physicians must apply the same objectives to a larger number of patients.

ICD-10 Compliant:

To achieve ICD-10 compliance, a medical practice must be prepared to make the transition. It is important to be familiar with the changes to the ICD-10 code set in order to avoid unjust claims denials. Practice managers should identify strategies for improving documentation. For example, they should prioritize mapping ICD-10 patients. They should also create a plan for implementing change management. However, there is still room for improvement.

ICD-10 code sets include greater detail, new terminology, and expanded concepts for diseases and injuries. While there are only fourteen hundred codes in use today, the new code set will have more than seventy codes and 500,000 multiple descriptions. Because of the large number of codes, a slow computer may become a serious hindrance. ICD-10 Compliant medical master mind software helps medical professionals avoid processing errors with its AMS technology.

The ICD-10 compliance stamp of approval is an indication of the software’s compliance with ICD-10. It is important to note that Medical Mastermind has earned EHR Module Certification (EHR Module) from the Drummond Group, an authorized testing and certification body. It also supports the HIPAA privacy standards and supports ambulatory criteria. The program is designed to help practices qualify for ARRA funding. There are several ICD-10 compliant medical master mind software options. You can find one in your specialty.


If you’re looking for an EHR and practice management system, consider a cloud-based medical master mind software. This program can replace outdated paper systems and inadequate software. Not only will this software streamline processes and improve collections, but it will also ensure HIPAA compliance. It features an inbuilt patient portal, so you can gather vital information about your patients before they even arrive. Additionally, this software includes tools for appointment reminders and E&M coding support.

In addition to cloud-based medical master mind software, the technology behind this software can help you keep track of your patient’s health data. Watson and his colleagues developed a common electronic science platform that enables physicians and patients to access the data on patients. The software uses a secure network to protect patient privacy and enables them to manage their own records. The cloud-based medical master mind software is easy to use and enables your staff to stay on top of your patient’s health data.

As a cloud-based medical master mind software, PrognoCIS offers features that help streamline workflows for individual providers. The software is flexible and fast, making it useful for large and small practices alike. It also features a patient portal, allowing patients to securely communicate with their doctors. The basic plan of this Cloud-based medical master mind software starts at $449 per month. The company offers free trials, as well as a number of different EMR plans, starting at $249 per month.

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