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How To Obtain The 60 PMP® PDUs To Meet PMI Requirements

Employers are searching for PMI-certified PMP experts with the essential knowledge and abilities to be effective at their jobs. Being certified by the PMI Institute offers many options in project management, business, and related assignments worldwide. Employers favour PMI-certified professionals, and they also get a preference for getting a promotion at work.

If you already have a PMI certification, it boosts your confidence at work and among your friends and family because PMI certification validates your project management knowledge and abilities.

Why Do PMI PDUs Exist?

After obtaining a PMP Certification, you must keep it current. PMI requires that you keep your PMI credentials up to date, and it is essential to keep your certification current and valid. To maintain your PMI certification, you must achieve the appropriate number of Professional Development Units (PDUs) throughout a three-year cycle. This cycle begins when you pass the PMI certification exam.

PDUs are hours spent teaching, studying, reading, developing, working, or volunteering in project management or a related job. Over three years, you must acquire a certain amount of PDUs for each PMP Certification. Once you have earned the appropriate PDUs for your PMI certifications, you can submit them to the PMI. 

The method for accumulating PDUs, submitting them to PMI, and paying for each PMI certification is the same. However, the number of PDUs required varies depending on the certification. PDUs can be acquired in a variety of PMI-defined areas. The headers below describe the entire PDU submission procedure, the certification renewal price, and the PDU earning categories in detail.

PMI CertificationsPDU’s RequiredEducation PDU’sGiving Back PDU’sRenewal Cost
PMP®, PgMP®, PfMP®,PMI-PBA®603525$60 / $150 (Member / Non Member)
CAPM1596$60 / $150 (Member / Non Member)
PMI-ACP®, PMI-RMP®,PMI-SP®301812$60 / $150 (Member / Non Member)

Varying PMI certifications have different PMI PDU requirements, as shown in the table. These PDUs are available in the Education and Giving Back categories. The PMI PDU requirements for each PMI certification, as well as the activities you may conduct under these categories to earn your PDUs, are detailed here. 

PDU Requirements For PMI

PMI PDU requirements differ according to certification. The PMI PDU requirements for each certification are explained here.


You must acquire 60 PMI PDUs in three years if you have any of these certifications. These 60 PDUs can be obtained in Education and Giving Back categories, and education is a necessary category while Giving Back is optional. The activities available in these categories are detailed in the following section of this article, under PMI PDU Categories.

If you have the PMP, PgMP, PfMP, or PMI-PBA certification, you must earn the PDU as follows: 

35 PDUs are required in the Education category: Minimum PDUs of 8 are needed across all sub-categories: technical, leadership, strategic, and business management.

25 Maximum PDUs in the Giving Back category: Working as a Professional sub-category allows for 8 PDUs. A minimum of 17 PDUs in the Volunteering & Knowledge Creation sub-category.


If you have CAPM, you must acquire 15 PDUs in a three-year cycle, which may be obtained as follows:

Minimum PDUs in the Education category: 2 PDUs are required in each of its sub-categories- technical, leadership, strategic, and business management.

Maximum PDUs in the category of Giving Back: 6 Working as a Professional sub-category allows for a maximum of two PDUs. A minimum of four PDUs in the Volunteering & Knowledge Creation sub-category.

PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP, and PMI-SP certifications

You must acquire 30 PDUs every three years if you possess any of these qualifications. These PMI PDUs can be obtained in the following ways:

Education requires 18 minimum PDUs: A minimum of four PDUs are required across all sub-categories: technical, leadership, strategic, and business management.

Maximum PDUs in the Giving Back category:  A minimum of 8 PDUs in the Volunteering & Knowledge Creation sub-category. Working as a Professional sub-category allows for a maximum of four PDUs.

Essential Things to Keep in Mind

After you pay the renewal cost, your new cycle will begin from your current certification expiration date, even if you paid before the certification expiry date. For example, suppose your certification expired on February 1, 2021, and you renewed it on November 1, 2019. Your certification will be renewed on February 1, 2024. (three years from the actual renewal date)

If you have earned more than the needed PDUs during your current three-year cycle, you may transfer up to 20 extra PDUs to the following three-year cycle. If you do not obtain the requisite amount of PDUs in your current three-year cycle, keep in mind that your certificate will be invalidated. 

During this suspension time, PMI does not allow you to refer to yourself as a project management professional. You will then have one year to make up for the missed PDUs. If you complete the PDUs, your credential will be reinstated; however, if you do not complete the PDUs, your certificate will be revoked, and you will have to apply to repeat the PMP test. 

Summary – How to Obtain the 60 PMP® PDUs to Meet PMI Requirements

This post taught you about 60 PMP PDUs, requirements, and the cost of renewing PMP certificates. You’ve also learned about the activities you may participate in to earn the requisite PDUs and how to submit the PDUs to PMI.
If you have a PMP Certification, you must renew it before expiration to avoid certification suspension. We know numerous folks who waited too long to renew their certification and had it permanently revoked by PMI. Don’t be one of them, and begin earning PMI PDUs as soon as you pass your PMI test.

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