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Costume Party

A costume party brings lot of fun. You get to be the character you loved the most. People enjoy such parties by dressing up as different characters. They also get to join the game of artistic realm. The game of throne themed parties is the most celebrated one. People tend to dress up as Queen and Kings of the west rose, gaining hype in the crowd. The purpose of costume parties is to have fun and mingle with people. You might say that is considered only for the Netflix Nerds now. But in the previous times, costume parties were the symbol of geekiness in western culture as well. The tables have turned now. People are looking for such events to dress up and have fun.

A valid question also arises here. How much does it cost to dress up like Cersei, John Snow, or Heisenberg? Take an example in this context. The dress attire of Queen Victoria from the season ‘Crown’ based on dresses of old times. These things cannot be gained for free. Average Americans spend 180 dollars on costume parties every year. Studies and analysis proposed that Americans spent 37% on the costumes for Halloweens. Around 29% is being spent on the decorations. The remaining 34% is spent on candy. The costumes bought can be used in two ways. They can be worn on Halloween, or in costume parties too.

Millions of people across the world watch shows, and throw theme parties. The one who is throwing the costume party also needs to put in some effort. The expenses of music system, lights, decorations, themes, and place rents are incurred. The food expenses and the sitting arrangements also need to be managed. Let’s see how much it can cost to throw a costume party in general.

The Food Expenses

Most of the time, you will see easy food at the costume parties. You might have eaten sandwiches, finger fries, other snacks, and had drinks too. This is the typical menu for a party. One costume party might have more than a hundred people. You might end up arranging the snacks for 200 people in general. It will cost you more than $200 to arrange a costume party’s food. You can choose to make the sandwiches at home. This might save some of your money. The supermarket’s frozen finger fries are cheap in rates. You can manage to fry them at home. The preparation will be interesting, and fun as well. Then you will only have to buy the packet snacks, and drinks. Some drink options are homemade, and are good in taste. You can use one of the simple recipes to prepare bulk quantities of homemade juice.

The Decor And Theme

According to a dissertation help firm, a costume party has many themes. The host might select the one on his favourite note. For example, Disney based theme parties might have the decors of Disney shows. The costs of animations, artificial snows, castles, and probes of such shows are high. At the same time, you might end up doing more than you thought. The theme decors also have different lighting, and effects. You can save the expenses by renting the decor instead of buying it yourself. There are many decorative companies. You can hire one of those to provide the decorations and lightings. It might save you some money on the decorations. The rents for such hiring companies are based on hourly basis. The parties often take late hours to end. You can select the hiring company with less hourly rate, and save money.

Entertainment Games

According to a dissertation help firm, the costume parties have some customised games as well. These are most often related to the themes. The TV show-based theme games are fun for engaging strangers with each other. No party is complete without the music system either. The high-frequency buffer systems might cost you a lot. There is an alternative option. This requires using the iPod with a home buffer system. It will do the job, and provide entertainment as well. Most people are more interested in role-playing games at parties. You can manage some games based on character role-plays. This will save the cost input regarding game preparation. You can prepare the scripts for different famous scenes as well. People will have fun in role-playing, and engaging in fun activities. Such games are more fun. They entail fewer money costs too.

The Costs Of The Costume

The costumes do not come for free. Most people try to make their own costumes for their costume party. The clothing, accessories, and decorative items are expensive. Many stores lend costumes for some hours. You can arrange one from such sources. You can also try to reuse the stuff from previous costumes. It will save you money, time, and energy. The online stores also offer the lending of costume dresses. The costs are quite high for that. They range from 150 to 180 dollars. You might want to reuse the Halloween dress too, in case of a shortage of money.

Buy Online

The online websites sell every types of material for both decorations, and costumes. 24% of the people prefer using Amazon for costume products. 60% of the people use Walmart to buy necessary products for consumer parties. The costume parties are hectic when it comes to preparation. You might end up buying useless stuff online too. Personal shopping is a better idea. This way you can look for cheaper products, and costumes as well. You can reuse the decorations and clothes on Halloween, or some other events.


The costume party brings lot of fun, but expensive. The costs of costumes, decorations, and food are quite high. Self-made efforts might save some costs. Decorations, animations, and lighting are the most expensive. Hiring companies is a better option for saving costs. You can save money by preparing the snacks at home. Easy to make drinks, and frying frozen fries can save the costs of food. Hiring the decorations, and costumes can also save the costs. The online websites also sell certain products for costume parties. But you should remember that they are high priced. The local renting, and using of previous costumes is also a great way to manage the costs.

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