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Medical SEO Services

Your website must appear on the 1st page of Google. Why; Because quite simply, 77% [1] of patients turn when looking for medical SEO services for a doctor. Additionally, 89% [2] of users use the Internet and search engines to find answers to their health problems.

Your prospective patients are there. If you were also allowed to be there in front of them, would you leave it unexploited? Would you let a competitor win the prospective patient and look on? 

What is medical SEO

Medical SEO, in very simple words, is the process by which, by increasing the rankings of your website in the natural results of Google, you will be able to approach prospective patients at the exact moment they are looking for your services.

If, for example, you are a urologist – Ophthalmologist, patients are looking for a solution to the problem, “with proper Medical SEO Services, you can appear “in front of him” when he is looking for a doctor like you.

Why you should start SEO today

 The way we look for a doctor has changed.

Let’s be honest. The way users search for a doctor has now changed. In the past, we would usually ask a friend, acquaintance, or family member if they knew a good doctor. Now, we’re asking Google.

We asked a family doctor or a friend if we faced a symptom. Now, we’re asking Google.

If we were looking for a doctor near us, we would open the phone book. Now, we’re asking Google.

Out of the billions of searches made every day, 1 in 20 Google searches are related to medical topics. So at any given moment, a search will likely be directly relevant to your medical specialty.

We are sure that you now have a smartphone in your hand or next to you. You changed your old mobile, right? So are your prospective patients. Why not bring your practice in front of their screen?

Google Ads alone are not enough.

Many doctors mistakenly think that investing in Google Ads is enough. It is, after all, the 2nd way a website can appear in Google results. We tell you with certainty that it is not enough. Users don’t click only on ads or only on physical results.

Yes, it’s a faster way to appear in the results immediately. But the faster you appear, the faster you can disappear by stopping your advertising. In contrast, medical SEO has more consistent results.

How do you get on the 1st page of Google?

Every website on the internet is aiming for the 1st page of Google. But not all of them succeed. Google considers over 200 factors to determine if a website deserves to be there.

Let’s see some important steps:

  • Your medical website should display properly on mobile devices, and it should be secure and fast
  • Your content should be adequate and optimized for search engines
  • Your content should be updated frequently
  • The meta elements of your website should be optimized
  • Your categorization should be complete and user-friendly
  • The choice of keywords must be made correctly
  • Strengthen your extroversion by acquiring links from websites that are considered reliable and quality

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The strategy “behind” Medical SEO

Your website must appear on the 1st page of Google. But for this to happen, it is necessary to follow an SEO strategy adapted to your needs by identifying the opportunities you are currently missing.

It is important to have an experienced team on your side that has an in-depth knowledge of the medical category and the steps your prospective patient takes to bring them through the door of your practice.

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