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Showbox is an Android application that lets you look at your smartphone, tablet or computer free HD movies, TV shows, news, trailers, and Videos. It’s one of the best apps of the day. Other applications such as moviebox pro, Snaptube and Popcorn are available. Showbox application is a place to watch all HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu TV shows and series.

These methods will not be used on any other operating systems but will apply only to Windows versions such as 10/8.1/8/7/XP. Also as an alternative you can also download moviebox for pc windows as well.

Install Showbox with Chromebook emulators (Arc Welder) There are numerous methods that have been scrapped on the web, but both methods are the best and the best. In case you want to watch live TV then you can download a similar app called oreo tv app for live tv on firetv and pc.


The Arc Welder Welder is the Google Chrome Extension which allows you to run Android applications on your system. Download Showbox for Windows PC using Chromebook (Arc Wilder) You can not directly run apk files on a PC. You can run any type of apk file on a computer with the help of this extension. Arc Welder is a connection between a computer and an apk file. Currently, without Google Chrome Brower, you can not view computers. This method makes it very easy to run Showbox.

Install Arc Welder and run Showbox on it, I’ll tell you detailed steps. Google Chrome Browser Open Steps to install Arc Welder Extension (if you haven’t click here)

  • Click the Apps option in the Bookmark bar.
  • Web Store is available in Apps.
  • To search Arc Welder, tap the Webstore. To add directly, use this link. Click on Arc Welder and tap on ADD TO CHROME.Add Extension Give it some time to add to your Google Chrome After you’ve added it, you’ll find the black pop up in the right-hand top corner. Click on Arc Welder.
  • Tap black pop up, LAUNCH APP, click on it. Tap a black pop up.
  • You have opened your Arc Welder Extension.

Download Showbox APK for PC for Arc Welder.

  • Now open Arc Welder, and then tap Adding the Showbox APK file from your computer to Arc Welder, which is downloaded earlier.
  • Add Showbox app to APK Arc Welder
  • You are being asked if you want a full screen or window screen, for instance.
  • Prefer the complete screen always. Click the button Test. Arc Welder Test Showbox app Now, you’ll get a new window to open the Showbox app.
  • You also find it from “crome:/apps.” Showbox application for use on Chromebook Recommendations.

As I mentioned before, Google Chrome is a trendy browser. Run Showbox for your Windows PC with Arc Welder

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